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Diversity on Teams Renders Better Results

By Nicholas Even, Partner and Co-Chair, Attorney Diversity Committee, Haynes and Boone, LLP AT HAYNES AND BOONES, diversity on our legal teams renders better results for our clients. Our Diversity Committee is comprised of twenty-one partners, thirty-three senior attorneys and associates, and nine key staff members. We meet as a group monthly, but also work… Read the full article

Gender Diversity: Getting Men on Board

How did we get men on board? By clearly communicating that diversity is about the bottom line.

What’s Missing From the Diversity Dialogue?

Leaders need to ask the right questions. The most effective organizations are the ones that ask bigger questions: Who do we need to run this organization? What does our bench strength look like? How do we create a workforce that uses the best talent on the market and includes a mix of backgrounds, genders, races, generations, lifestyles, and experiences?

Our Industry Has Far to Go

The tremendous progress made by women, people of color, and members of other once-discounted groups might prompt many business leaders to say “look how far we’ve come.” But the reality is that we still have a long way to go.

From My Perspective as a White Male

While “diversity” as a strategy has come into popular culture during my career, I have appreciated the benefits of diverse perspectives for much longer.

White Males Become Allies for Minorities, Women

Evolving beyond required compliance efforts, our I&D approach focuses on promoting a creative, innovative, and collaborative work environment supporting employee engagement

8 Ways to Engage White Men

Engaging white men is imperative for any successful D&I program. In the legal profession, white men make up the majority of practitioners and almost always are the crucial decision-makers whose buy-in is necessary for substantive D&I progress.

White Males Participate Through ERGs, Mentoring

Engagement of white males in our organization is demonstrated by their participation in our various diversity and inclusion employee diversity networks, as well as events sponsored by these groups.

From the Outside Looking In: The Workplace I Want for my Daughter

It’s through leadership and role modeling the right behaviors that the commitment to diversity and inclusion comes to life.

Finding Dreams in America

In America, everything was different—the weather, the places, the people, the way of life. I had boarded the plane as a confident and ambitious teenager and quickly became just another Latina girl who couldn’t speak the language.