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Disability Best Practices: Who’s Doing What?

By Nadine VogelPresident, Springboard Consulting LLC What do you get when you bring together Best Buy, EMC, Toys”R”Us, AMC Entertainment, CSX, Procter & Gamble, UPMC, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Cisco Systems, and Prudential Financial? An incredible mix of award-winning companies who have attempted to improve the U.S. workforce, workplace, or marketplace for individuals… Read the full article

Social Responsibility and Diversity

What is the number one goal of a corporation? Seems like a foolish question— flip open any MBA textbook and the “right” answer is obvious: profit maximization. But is it really so simple? Cue corporate sustainability.

Best Practices in Global Diversity

As firms become increasingly affected by globalization, managers face the challenge of moving away from an ethnocentric mindset to think globally.

Keeping Employees from “Going Postal”

Every year, there are headline-grabbing instances of employee homicide at places of employment. In the U.S…

Mission Partner Helps Apply Diverse Experiences

The term diversity often refers to one’s race, religion, or gender. The Air Force Academy has made great strides over the past decade to ensure that…

Keeping D&I Afloat in a Recession

Amidst the shrinking budgets, workforce reductions and other adverse impacts of the recession, the halls of corporate America echo again the decades-old question of whether America can afford to continue diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives.

Mouzon Calls for Uniform Diversity Standards

As a Director in a midsize regional law firm, I have noticed that many corporations, including Sara Lee and Wal-Mart, now wield their considerable leverage to encourage firms to adopt policies centered around greater diversity.

Generation Y and the Law

In legal organizations where the cultures are based largely on traditionalist and baby boomer values, how should the values, expectations, and behaviors of Generation Y lawyers affect our internal systems, processes, and initiatives?

Five Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices

RBC Wealth Management has used a variety of strategies to make its corporate values a meaningful part of its business operations. Here is a sampling of the ideas that work, including examples of how they were implemented.

Diversity Expectations Can Change in an Instant

Comfortably Watching World Series action on the widescreen in my family room, the high-def pinpointed with startling clarity a well-hit baseball carving an arc over the Philadelphia stadium’s outfield lawn. Into the stands, for sure, I thought.