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Diversity Training Evolved: MGM Resorts International Presents Inspiring Our World

How does a company unite 62,000 employees under one corporate culture? For Las Vegas’ MGM Resorts International, the company that set fountains to music in front of Bellagio and brought Cirque du Soleil to Sin City, the decision was easy: a Vegas-style production.

Inclusive Leadership with White Male Executives 3.0–How Will We Hold Courageous Conversations?

People in the organization watch with laser-like intensity when conflict comes up. Conflict tests our values and our plans, and it provides crucial information to followers about the trustworthiness of their leaders. When conflict is effectively resolved, relationships strengthen and results get back on track.

Measurements of Traditional Leadership Shifting Due to Diversity

Intuitively, we knew that leadership was important to creating a work environment where each person is recognized and developed, and their talents are routinely tapped in to. However it was unclear which leadership competencies actually created this reality. A further challenge was identifying a way to measure these competencies.

The Gift of Mentoring Others

The request for mentoring someone else can sometimes come at an “inconvenient” time—when workload, taking over a new role, dealing with organizational change seem challenging enough. However, as we celebrate National Mentoring Month, I invite you to challenge yourself and others on this conventional thinking and entertain the idea that this might be the right time for you.

Tap into the Power of Engaged Employees

Highly engaged employees are easy to spot. They try harder on the job and drive business results. According to Temkin Group’s 2013 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, they are twice as likely both to work after their shift ends and to do something good for the company that is unexpected of them.

Tips for Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Workplace Environment

LGBT employees constitute a sizeable and dynamic workforce population with unique professional insights. As workplaces around the world become sensitized to LGBT issues, an increasing number of global organizations are making the creation and maintenance of an inclusive workplace culture a top priority.

Defining Culture in Today’s Global World

In recent years, the historically whitewashed, male-dominated perception of corporate culture has given way to a startup culture that is more diverse and creativity-driven. Modern company executives are taking a different approach to business management in order to thrive in the current global market.

Evaluation Blues

The best managers will recognize the cultural basis of certain job criteria and the challenges they pose for some employees.

Is it Time for Asperger’s in the Workplace?

Aside from the obvious social good, employing individuals with Asperger Syndrome is good for business—it can attract a significant market share, reduce employee turnover, and increase productivity.

Educators Speak on New Role as Hybrid Scholars/Administrators of Diversity

The hybrid role we occupy appears on many levels to be a response to the changing trends in higher education. Increases in student enrollments, large pools of underemployed PhD holding-scholars, tenure-track faculty retrenchment, and expanding adjunct pools are signs that faculty-administrator hybrids may be here to stay