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Making of a World-Class Internship

Many still use the term “diversity internship” or “minority internship” when referring to the programs targeting high talent from underrepresented ethnic groups at colleges or universities.

Capturing the Minds & Hearts of Millennials

I don’t need another signal to tell me life is passing swiftly. Crow’s feet serve as reminders I’m not the “young guy” in the office anymore, and the greatest confirmation comes from workplace chatter about the new generation of “young guys and girls”—Generation Y, the Millennials.

Generational Diversity: Tensions & Opportunities

This is not your grandmother’s workplace anymore. The dynamics of four different generations in the U.S. workplace together may create tension, but proactively harnessed, this diversity may yield greater operational performance.

4-H Science: Engineering a Bright Tomorrow for Youth

ver the last five years, 4-H has cultivated a science program that seeks to engage one million young people in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

Changing the Game: Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

A great opportunity exists to capture the imagination and speak to the values of the emerging workforces, while improving business results and aiding the knowledge transfer from Baby Boomers to Millennials, if we use technology to bridge the differences in world view and working styles of both sides.

Connecting the Diversity ABCs and the Generational XYZs

I recently attended a corporate community event that was held to highlight volunteer opportunities that employees could participate in as part of the corporate social responsibility program for the company.


Two important events in our history are affecting our workforce today: the country’s uncertain economy combined with medical advancements are creating a workforce that is living longer and/or having to work into their retirement years.

Changing Perceptions: Multi-Generational Workforce

Four Different generations in the workforce. This is the reality of the employee landscape of today. While much has been debated and written about the challenges of generational “difference,” are we making too much of the idea that companies will not be able to tap unique attitudes and behaviors?

Generations in a Family Business

In my life, work and family are one. I am part of a family business, and one of the major challenges for many small businesses, including family businesses, is business succession

From Address Book to Facebook

Though Many People in the workforce remember the address book, fewer and fewer have used one for the purpose of storing contact information. You might remember writing—often in pencil—the contact information of a friend or colleague in your address book, later crossing it out and updating it when the information changed.