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How to Make White Males Understand

By Bill Proudman Many business leaders, especially white men, view diversity as a problem to solve or a set of strategies to implement. This approach overlooks the leaders’ personal role. White male leaders who effectively lead in this effort do more than implement strategies to fix the problem. They first expand their mindsets—how they think… Read the full article

Honey, There’s a Conflict in My Soup!

Managing and promoting effective communication should always be the goal when dealing with difficult people. When there is conflict, communication can ensure the advantage of protecting and preventing conflict from ever disrupting the business process. Different styles and personality types, chiefly, represent a barrier to overcome due to the potential to communication breakdown.

Tap into the Power of Engaged Employees

Highly engaged employees are easy to spot. They try harder on the job and drive business results. According to Temkin Group’s 2013 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, they are twice as likely both to work after their shift ends and to do something good for the company that is unexpected of them.

Helping Employees with Mood Disorders

It’s ten o’clock on a Tuesday morning. Rose sits at her desk in the secretary pool, but her mind is clearly elsewhere. Suddenly, she jumps to her feet and runs out of the room.

Navigating the Social Networking Labyrinth

As an organization committed to attracting, engaging and developing a diverse workforce, we recognize the value of social networking.

Coming to Terms with Bias

For the past several months I’ve been working with a client in the financial industry on the topic of unconscious bias.

Changing the Game: Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

A great opportunity exists to capture the imagination and speak to the values of the emerging workforces, while improving business results and aiding the knowledge transfer from Baby Boomers to Millennials, if we use technology to bridge the differences in world view and working styles of both sides.

Why are Diversity Programs So Difficult to Advance?

I think everyone recognizes that diversity in the workforce is essential, so why is it often so difficult to get diversity programs off the ground? Talking about diversity is easy. Most people value diversity for the simple reason that we are all diverse in some way. It’s what makes us who we are as individuals.

Performance Management for Inclusion

One Size does not fit all in performance management if you want to maintain a productive diverse workforce. companies tend to performance-manage to the two tails of employees’ performance bell curves.

The Strength of Strengths

When I first started working, I remember hating performance evaluations. For me, the typical evaluation was an annual reminder of all the things I was not good at. One year, a new manager led me through an evaluation which turned out to be 58 minutes of praise about my various strengths and ended with the last two minutes brainstorming on how we work around my one apparent weakness.