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Equal But Not the Same

In the recent inaugural speech the words “we were all created equal” resonated with great vivacity. Although from a diversity point of view this is certainly true, in truth to treat everybody the same is discrimination. Even though we were all created equal, to obliterate the distinct differences between “you and I” would be the same as to deprive life of its true essence.

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Reviews of Top Malaysian Banker Tells Lifetime of Experiences in Autobiography and The Quran: With or Against the Bible?

Fleishman-Hillard Introduces First Class of China Masters Exchange Program

Launched in conjunction with Fleishman-Hillard’s Global China Practice, the China Masters Exchange focuses on identifying and nurturing Chinese students who are seeking careers in communications.

Q&A with Sari Brody, Global Diversity Responsible, IKEA Services AB

In her leadership role at IKEA, Brody explains the progressive views of D&I at the Swedish company, the extensive metrics the organization has used to define D&I, and how to move forward with goals of improvement.

Global Diversity: Spotlight on Sweden

Given its cultural background, government, and societal activities, as well as best practices in the workplace, the statistics show Sweden could be a solid diversity role model for the rest of the world.

2013: The D&I Tipping Point – 9 Key Trends

2012 was a tipping point for many diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues in this country and around the globe. We saw a number of defining moments, many of them controversial and misunderstood, that will require the attention of D&I experts this year and beyond.

Language: What is Efficient Communication?

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia In my role as international coach/trainer/consultant I have come across several people who have questions when it comes to communicating in another language: Will I be able to explain to my mentor what I really mean? How can I be sure that my sub-contractor in Country X understands me? Will I be… Read the full article

Immigration Deferred Action: Living the Dream?

The DREAM Act is a piece of legislation that would confer upon qualifying illegal immigrants “a valid positive immigration status” and set them on a path to permanent legal residency in the United States.

Let the Force of the 21st Century Be with You

Understanding how the world requires greater commitment from all members to modify the business process allows for faster flow of information which, in terms, enables to easily detect, interpret, and translate needs from the market into new behavioral responses

Diversity Charters in Europe

Diversity charters are initiatives to which companies voluntarily adhere to as a sign of commitment to accepting, appreciating, and integrating diversity within their corporate culture. They operate mostly as private initiatives of companies collaborating with the administration and social agents to create awareness regarding the benefits of diversity.