by Tom Ostrander Vice President, Human Resources Sparrow Hospital & Health System An important aspect of organizational management is learning to stay the course in tough economic times. In the healthcare industry, we are privileged to manage and engage a diverse workforce, provide exceptional health care service to diverse... Read more

The Shape of Talent

PDJ March 1, 2011 0

by Trevor Wilson Author and Global Human Equity Strategist TWI Inc. “We need someone who is genetically programmed to recognize and avoid serious risks, including those never before encountered. Temperament is also important, independent thinking, emotional stability and a keen understanding of both human and institutional behaviour. i’ve seen... Read more

In today’s tough business climate, getting ahead is tough for any professional—whether seasoned executive or entry-level. And while every organization has their rules and regulations, as mandated by handbooks, performance review procedures, or by senior leadership, others are left implicit—unwritten—for employees to decipher on their own.

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In 2008, WellPoint initiated a legal diversity team populated with a diverse cross-section of legal associates, including by race, age, gender, ethnic background, and job function.

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