Equis Staffing was established in 2006 to provide accounting, finance, and IT professionals to all industries in Southern California. Carrie Nebens has served as the president since the company’s start.

Why was Equis Staffing founded?

After working for large organizations that tend to be very cookie cutter, I felt it was time to create a client and employee experience that offered a more tailored service to meet people’s needs. I knew I just needed to take the risk and work to build a superior service where I would have more personal satisfaction and upside opportunity. Equis Staffing was founded in 2006.

How was the business created, i.e. startup funds, etc.?

My partner, Laurie Evans, privately funded the business’ startup.

Where were you employed previously and how did you get involved in the business?

I was a branch manager at Robert Half. I had worked with Laurie’s husband, Jeffrey Evans, at On Assignment from 1994–1998. We always remained close and decided to start Equis.

Does it help Equis Staffing to be owned by a woman?

Yes—as a small business, we have the opportunity to work with large companies that want to work with a diverse business group.

How was revenue doubled since the company’s inception?

By adding a successful new line of business, IT Staffing. As the economy slowed, I noticed the technology industry wasn’t taking the same hits—there were still jobs and opportunities and employers looking for good talent and fighting for them. So I expanded Equis’ services to include IT in addition to finance and accounting. That endeavor has been incredibly successful for Equis and allowed us to grow as a company consistently throughout the last two years—and there are no signs of the technology industry slowing.

What advice do you have for other female presidents and entrepreneurs?

You can’t be afraid to take risks. The greatest benefits come from taking chances. Even if you make mistakes, you learn from them and it helps you going forward.

You have been placed on lists for your fast-growing success from Inc. and LA Business Journal. What does that mean for your business? Does it help it? How are you doing in relation to other companies’ growth?

All press is good. I don’t think making the lists has a direct benefit, but it does help to get the Equis name out there, and it shows our continued success.