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Today, you’ll see how COVERGIRL® gets it right. The company has created a video that really sends women a message of empowerment from some truly empowered women.

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EACH YEAR SINCE 1987, Catalyst has honored exceptional initiatives that advance women in the corporate world with our Catalyst Award. We were very proud to celebrate three far-reaching initiatives at this year’s annual Catalyst Awards Dinner: • Alcoa Inc.’s Building Opportunities for Women in a “Hard Hat” Company develops... Read more
By Grace Austin The issue is constantly being debated among moms: Do you stay at home to raise your children and take care of the home, or do you go back to work to provide for your family? Or do you attempt to do both? In this modern age,... Read more
By Sarah Symons, Activist, Composer, Musician, and Founder of Made By Survivors Imagine you are a middle-class person living in 1850. At that time there were approximately two million slaves in the American South. They were bought and sold for an average of $40,000 in today’s money, a valuable... Read more
EVER WONDER HOW working women fare under the law in China and India, the world’s most populous countries? According to two recently published Catalyst tools, China: The Legal Framework for Women and Work and India: The Legal Framework for Women and Work, women in both countries have many rights... Read more
By Grace Austin Discrimination against women by laws, policies, and other legislation around the globe is still a major impediment to gender equality, despite all the progress made towards female empowerment throughout the world. These issues, according to the UN, include laws discriminating against or not protecting women from... Read more
By Grace Austin Barefoot & Pregnant made a name for itself by capitalizing on the prenatal market. The company is celebrating their tenth anniversary this fall. Founded in 2003, Barefoot & Pregnant prenatal spas were the first of its kind. Since then, the spa has expanded to a hotel... Read more
Equis Staffing was established in 2006 to provide accounting, finance, and IT professionals to all industries in Southern California. Carrie Nebens has served as the president since the company’s start. Why was Equis Staffing founded? After working for large organizations that tend to be very cookie cutter, I felt... Read more
By: Grace Austin The lack of board diversity is one of the leading issues in corporate diversity, as women and minorities continue to make strides in other areas. Through work of the WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) Global Institute, the WCD Global Nominating Commission has launched a series of initiatives this year... Read more
By Dr. Theckedath Mathew, author of Joshua: The Odyssey of an Ordinary Man Although we have just concluded Sexual Assault Awareness month, it’s more important than ever to continue to raise awareness about the sexual violence that women and girls must endure around the world. One of the keys... Read more