Tom Daigle, Daphne King, Julie Jennings

GEI Consultants

Organization Name: GEI Consultants, Inc.
Headquarters Location: Woburn, Massachusetts
Organization Website:
Industry: Consulting–A&E
Number of Employees: 985
CEO: Ron Palmieri
Diversity Leader(s): Co-Chair D+I Committee Daphne King; Co-Chair D+I Committee Tom Daigle
Executive Sponsor: Julie Jennings
Diversity Leader(s) Title(s) Co-Chairs, Diversity + Inclusion Committee

1. Number of minority, women, or members of other underrepresented groups that are currently C-level executive at GEI:

Our 6-member executive team includes one woman and one minority individual (16% women and 16% people of color).

  1. Number of members of the above-mentioned groups that have been added in the past three years:

    One minority member was added.

2. Number of minority, women, or members of other underrepresented groups that currently serve on the GEI board of directors:

GEI’s Board of Directors comprises ten people, including three women and two members of a minority group; current board make-up is 30% women, and 30% people of color.

  1. Number of individuals from these groups added during the past three years:

Two new women and one minority were added in the past three years, although a smaller number of women and minorities have served longer. According to Deloitte, in 2020, among Fortune 100 companies, boards consist of 28.2% women and 20.6% minorities on average; GEI meets or exceeds these statistics as a privately owned mid-size firm.

3. The diversity make-up of GEI:

  • female–35%
  • ethnicity–17%
  • disability–1.56%
  • veteran–2%
  • LBGTQiA–.93%
  • Pay parity for women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups at GEI:

    GEI has achieved pay parity and performs an annual review to make sure there is no disparate impact.

4. GEI posts/publishes its organization values: Organization values are published on GEI’s external website and at various locations internally, including these:

5. Programs, policies, or initiatives GEI currently has in place to ensure fairness and inclusion in the recruitment and hiring process:

  • Unconscious bias training for HR team members and hiring managers
  • Cultural competence training for HR team members and hiring managers
  • Diverse hiring team
  • Inclusive job descriptions
  • Sourcing from nontraditional talent pools and diverse groups
  • Use of AI

6. Current ERGs supported by GEI:

GEI X2–ERG supporting women in the company

The organization is currently developing a framework to greatly expand ERGs, in 2022 and beyond.

7. Honors/recognition for the organization’s diversity efforts awarded during the past three years:

Five Women Worth Watching®: Francine Dunn & Gill Gregory in 2018; Amber Ahles, Ileen Gladstone & Rachel Hayden in 2019

8. GEI produces a Diversity Annual Report