The 2021 Diverse Organizations Worth Watching<sup>™</sup> Awards
Their Diversity Is in their DNA … The organizations featured in the following pages live their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity every day … and in everything they do. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are preordained when it comes to recruitment and hiring, promotion and advancement—in fact, every aspect... Read more
Sephora – San Francisco, California
Organization Name: Sephora Headquarters Location: San Francisco, California Organization Website: Industry: Retail Number of Employees: 13,510 CEO: Jean-André Rougeot Diversity Leader: George-Axelle Broussillon Matschinga Diversity Leader Title: Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion   1. Number of minority, women, or members of other underrepresented groups that are currently C-level... Read more
GEI Consultants, Inc. – Woburn, Massachusetts
Organization Name: GEI Consultants, Inc. Headquarters Location: Woburn, Massachusetts Organization Website: Industry: Consulting–A&E Number of Employees: 985 CEO: Ron Palmieri Diversity Leader(s): Co-Chair D+I Committee Daphne King; Co-Chair D+I Committee Tom Daigle Executive Sponsor: Julie Jennings Diversity Leader(s) Title(s) Co-Chairs, Diversity + Inclusion Committee   1. Number of... Read more