Julius Robinson

Julius Robinson
Executive Vice President and head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Union Bank, N.A.

2011 Corporate Philanthropy

Since 1998, Students Rising Above (SRA) has distinguished itself by offering young people a simple, but precious gift—opportunity. Students selected for the program are usually the first in their families to attend college, and they often lack the financial resources and support to achieve their educational dreams. These first-generation college students demonstrate a commitment to educational achievement and strength of character by overcoming tremendous poverty, homelessness and neglect.

SRA works with each student to realize his or her potential. Students and graduates break the cycle of poverty within their own families, serve their communities, provide society with a new generation of employees and leaders from diverse backgrounds, and accelerate positive change.

Union Bank has supported SRA for six years as part of its commitment to education, community economic development and corporate philanthropy. In 2007, with the bank’s support, SRA increased the number of students selected for the program by 75 percent, and the program continues to grow.

“My background is not unlike those of many of the students who are part of the SRA program,” says Union bank executive Vice President, head of corporate Social Responsibility and SRA board member Julius Robinson. “I appreciate the vision, drive, hard work and achievements of these students.”

SRA students and graduates embody a perseverance and determination that is sure to inspire future generations. Surviving poverty stricken homes filled with abuse, drug- and alcohol-addicted adults and even witnessing murder, the students overcome many obstacles, and their success stories include giving back to their communities through service and example.

Thanks to SRA and the support of companies like Union bank, hundreds of students have attended and earned degrees from some of the most esteemed colleges and universities in the United States, including Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Williams College, Berkeley and many others.

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