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Niagara University’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Management Prepares Students for Success

By Noelle Bernard For more than 40 years, Niagara University has helped students pursue roles in service and management careers through its renowned College of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Nestled a few miles from the Canadian border and the rushing waters of tourist hot spot, Niagara Falls, the university offers a profound experience for undergraduates.… Read the full article

Social Work at the Office: University of Southern California

USC School of Social Work Offers a New Master’s Program with a Workplace Focus By Alanna Klapp The University of Southern California School of Social Work is offering master’s degree candidates a new area of concentration—Social Work and Business in a Global Society. Coursework can be completed online from anywhere in the country through the… Read the full article

Leaving the Myth Behind: Teach For America

Teach For America launches a new initiative to bring teachers from across the AAPI spectrum into the classroom to help AAPI students deal with the realities they face every day. By Teresa Fausey When it comes to education—and society in general—the model minority myth often applied to all Asian Americans, like all myths that lump… Read the full article

Lost Among Caucasians: The Lethal Fallacy of the Model Minority Stereotype

By Nicholas D. Hartlep, PhD Do you believe that Asians/Asian Americans are largely successful? Do you assume they all win spelling bees, attend Harvard, and become brilliant scientists? Then you, like many other North Americans, subscribe to the “model minority” stereotype—the faulty belief that, by and large, Asians/Asian Americans are occupationally, financially, and academically successful. The… Read the full article

Establishing an Early Connection: Rochester Institute of Technology

Founded in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a privately endowed, coeducational university with nine colleges and over 200 academic programs emphasizing career education and experiential learning. Approximately 15,000 undergraduate and 2,900 graduate students are enrolled at the university, representing represent all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The university occupies 1,300 acres… Read the full article

Engaging a diverse student body: City University of Seattle

Seattle’s CityU employs a three-step process to recruit and retain a diverse student body. As an institution focused on serving the working adult and transfer student, City University of Seattle (CityU) has developed some best practices for recruiting and retaining a diverse student body—a daunting task in today’s market. Here are three ways CityU is… Read the full article

Web of Brilliance: Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Creates the First ERG for Introverts By Cheryl D. Cofield Director of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Georgia Institute of Technology Since first opening its doors in 1888, the Georgia Institute of Technology has long been known for its culture of academic excellence, and for fostering technological advances and innovation. As a science and… Read the full article

Driving a Learning Culture From the C-Suite

By Teresa Fausey At University of the Rockies, business professionals are learning how In today’s business settings, employee engagement is critical to the success of every organization, and to the retention of talented professionals. Building and maintaining a workforce committed to and excited about learning and growth has never been more important—or more valuable—than it… Read the full article

Developing National Assets

Any audience starts with three assumptions or questions when someone speaks in any setting about any topic. The listener wants to know: Why is this person speaking about this topic; why are they qualified to speak on it; and finally can this person say anything to change what I already think or know about the topic?

York College: A city’s transformative force

No other learning organization creates a wider scope of opportunity for New Yorkers every year than York College.