Robert Turner

Robert Turner
Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations and President, Union Pacific Foundation
Union Pacific Railroad

2011 Corporate Philanthropy

A unique part of Union Pacific’s historical involvement with the military was the railroad’s volunteer canteens, like the famous one in North Platte, Nebraska. There, Union Pacific hosted up to 10,000 servicemen and women a day between 1942 and 1945. The volunteers met every train with sandwiches and friendship for U.S. troops headed for war; not too different from the USO today.

The mission of the USO is to enhance the quality of life of the U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their families, and to create a cooperative relationship between U.S. military communities and civilian communities.

USO Fort Riley provides a home away from home for troops and their family members at Fort Riley, Kansas. Their volunteer-driven programs boost morale with entertainment and recreational and social activities.

Union Pacific believes the USO is an outstanding way to support the troops and thank those who serve for their sacrifice. Union Pacific Foundation’s $12,000 donation funds the USO Fort Riley’s “No Dough for Dinners” program in 2011. “No Dough for Dinners” is a free meal program for 250 service members and families on the last business day before pay day, helping those who financially struggle to have a nice meal, as well as helping families of deployed soldiers get together in a positive environment.

Union Pacific trains move military equipment today, but the company is most proud of supporting veterans as they seek private sector employment. Approximately 25 percent of Union Pacific’s 44,000 employees are veterans and more than 100 were hired in the last few years from Fort Riley.

Union Pacific Railroad
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