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Why Low-Income Areas Need Playgrounds

A new University of Missouri study shows that lower-income areas had more parks but fewer amenities. The lack of amenities like playgrounds has direct impact on issues like obesity and community involvement.

Art Moves its Way into City Limits

Break dancing, graffiti, hip-hop music and reggae steel drums are not traditionally associated with the word “art.” In the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region, a non-profit organization, ArtsWave, is attempting to change such thinking by introducing local communities to all forms of art.

The Beloved Community of D&I

The beloved community is when all perspectives are brought together in a collective effort to achieve goals for the common good- creating and defining a culture of inclusion where ideas are exchanged, collaboration and innovation thrive, and communication flows amongst the stakeholders for a shared vision.

Catchafire Catches Interest of Nonprofits, Volunteers

Internet startup Catchafire is a website that connects professionals who want to apply their on-the-job skills to nonprofits and social enterprises that need help. Catchafire has become the largest pro-bono service provider in New York, with a network of nearly 2,000 social good organizations and nearly 10,000 professionals, delivering over $3 million in professional services to date.

Teaming Up to Inspire Reading

Schools involved with the Target School Library Makeover program always have a lot in common: renovated reading spaces, new technology, a buildup of excitement for books.

JPMorgan Chase & Co’s The Fellowship Initiative (TFI)

While dozens of research reports provide statistics that challenge our nation’s young men of color, Mynor, a Bronx native and sophomore in high school, is breaking barriers to beat the odds against him.

Baltimore Ravens Player Helps RBC WM Honor Students

RBC Wealth ManageMent (RRC WM) is committed to enriching the communities where its employees and clients work and live. Pledging a percentage of its pre-tax profits as charitable contributions, RBC WM demonstrates leadership in the communities it serves every year.

Community Building

As MWV constructed its new headquarters building on Richmond’s downtown riverfront, the surrounding community benefitted from every desk, drape and doorknob.

Union Pacific’s Military Support at Fort Riley, Kansas

Robert Turner Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations and President, Union Pacific Foundation Union Pacific Railroad 2011 Corporate Philanthropy A unique part of Union Pacific’s historical involvement with the military was the railroad’s volunteer canteens, like the famous one in North Platte, Nebraska. There, Union Pacific hosted up to 10,000 servicemen and women a day between… Read the full article

PNC KaBOOM! Playgrounds Help Children

The PNC financial Services Group Inc., the nation’s sixth-largest bank, recognizes that investing in a child’s early years is essential for his or her long-term success.