Kelly George

When JR Irvin, a senior manager for Halliburton, decided to volunteer during a recent corporate activity, little did he know that it would be a life lesson for him and his children.

Along with 50 other volunteers, JR and his three children helped to make 2,000 sandwiches and 1,200 lunches for a Houston-area charity called Kids’ Meals. The charity delivers meals to the homes of 1,400 pre-school-aged children who are in need of food. The meals are delivered Monday through Friday, yearround, and are free to each family.

“My whole family enjoyed volunteering to help make these sandwiches,” said JR Irvin. “My children felt really good about it, but, at the same time, they felt sad for the kids they were helping. Since then, they’ve been asking me, ‘When can we do that again?’ So, as a family, we now volunteer for Kids’ Meals as often as we can.

“This project was a great way for my wife, Vivien, and me to teach our children the concepts of sharing and giving back to the community,” he said.

Ruth Burrell, director of Kids’ Meals, said, “Without the help of volunteers like the Irvin family and other Halliburton employees, our program would not be successful. The need for Kids’ Meals is ever-growing due to the increase of food and gas prices as well as the slowing economy. Layoffs have more families finding themselves in need of food. Kids’ Meals has hundreds of children on their waiting list ready to be fed. We hope to be the first city to have no hungry children.”

Community involvement reflects halliburton’s core values and helps the company to build and maintain trusting relationships, allowing Halliburton to be an employer of choice. It starts at the grassroots level—with employees. Each year, Halliburton employees clock thousands of volunteer hours across the globe.

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