Encouraging Active Member Participation

Gannett/USA Today- ConneXions
Jeanette Barrett-Stokes & Desair Brown
“Since our group started as a grassroots organization, the founding members are vested partners in its purpose and its success,” said ERG Leaders Barrett-Stokes and Brown. “Thus, active participation is a requirement for the group to be successful.”

CSC Black Employee Network (BEN)
Alvin Keith, VP National & Defense Programs
The BEN Intranet site provides a forum where members and leadership can pose questions to each other and respond. In this way, the group has been able to acquire information and find volunteers for various projects.

Novartis Asian Business Club (ABC)
Yan Gao-Okundaye, Global Brand Mgr.
Asian Business Club developed and implemented a communications strategy, focusing on “WIFM” (What’s in it for me) and the value ABC brings to the company and individuals. Now many individuals not only participate into ABC activities, but have volunteered to contribute and organize future events.

Accenture Disabilities Interest Group
Kathleen Becker, Supplier Mgt Specialist
“I ask people to lead or suggest topics. We are hoping that the web discussion board will help people connect and participate with active topics,” contributed Kathleen Becker, ERG Leader.

Fannie Mae Muslim ERG
Ambreen Rivzi, Operational Risk Analyst III
Fannie Mae’s Muslim ERG requests constant feedback, suggestions, and solicits support and participation to implement an action plan for the year which suits the interest of the membership with leads to creative programming.

Harris Corporation African American Resource Group (AARG)
Lloyd McKenzie, Quality Eng. Group Leader
Encouraging participation from members is done through solicitation of input from each member including surveys and feedback from previous events. The African-American Resource Group also encourages members to lead the development of new events/activities they feel would be beneficial to the group.

Attracting Entry-Level Employees

Charles Schwab & Co. WINS*
Kelly Livers, Southern Regional Branch Executive
ERGs at Schwab are introduced right at the time new employees begin working at Schwab. ERG information is included in new hires’ welcome packets and presentations.
*Women’s Interactive Network at Schwab

Energizer Generational Synergies and Excellence
Adam Jakubiak & Nicole Thimke
AGES is for young professionals, so it is an easy hook to get them involved, says Co-Chairs Jakubiak and Thimke. AGES reaches out soon after employees are brought in to the facility, offering them a platform and voice to make sure their concerns and ideas are heard.

WellPoint SOMOS*
Angela Lopez, LPN/LVN Utilization Review I
“We are piloting a program which we are titling “SOMOS University” in which various topics are discussed to help provide additional skill sets to our members.”
*Hispanic/Latino ERG Means “we are” in Spanish

Accenture Northern California Asian Pacific American Interest Group
Swee-May Ngeow, Senior Manager
The main draw at Accenture’s Northern California Asian Pacific American Interest Group for entry-level professionals is the promise of networking with other peers, as well as more senior members. The group also tries to tailor event activities to be of interest to entry-level professionals, encouraging greater participation. More formally, as part of a new hire, entry-level orientation, time is set aside for an overview presentation of the various ERGs, with contact information distributed for anyone interested in joining one.