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8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being an ERG Leader

No matter how your organization selects its ERG leadership, it is not often that you will find someone jumping up and down at the chance to embrace the role or take on the additional workload required.

Health Isn’t One Size Fits All

By Wayne N. Burton, Chief Medical Officer, American Express Health is not one size fits all. We recognize our workforce is increasingly diverse and work to ensure the health needs of all American Express employees are being met. Using a data-driven approach is important to understand how to better serve employees. Awareness of health disparities… Read the full article

Using ERGs to Improve Health and Well-Being

By Saurabh Tripathi, CFO, Surgery, GE Healthcare and Raj Thakkar, General Manager, Sourcing, GE Energy Management GE HAS ALWAYS considered cultivating diversity in the workplace as a competitive advantage. Diversity is about the power of the mix—the strength that results from a team with varied experiences, backgrounds, and styles. As a global company, talent must… Read the full article

Employee Resource Groups: Devolution or Evolution?

The focus of employee resource groups needs to move beyond group to an individual talent discussion. Instead of focusing on barriers that only impact my group, the focus must evolve to identify barriers to becoming the employer of choice for all.

Q&A with Minal Deshpande

“I passionately believe in winning together—I don’t want my female colleagues to feel alone as they try to balance climbing the career ladder with their family responsibilities. I want to stand by them and share my experiences to help us all grow together. “

Why I Joined Sprint Pride

A few years ago, I became an executive sponsor of Pride, Sprint’s LGBT employee resource group. With nearly 700 members, Pride has supported, ushered and even challenged much of Sprint’s LGBT progress over the years.

Emerging ERG Leaders

We asked the leaders of newly formed ERGs to share their journeys to leadership, as well as how leadership of a company’s internal group has helped further their careers. Although most of these ERGs are less than two years old, it is clear that the leadership skills and connections gained have been beneficial for each leader and company.

ERG Events & Programs

Successful leaders share internal and external events in their own employee resource groups.

ERG Meeting Agendas and Measuring Success

Successful leaders discuss best practices to help set meeting agendas and measure the success of your own employee resource groups.

ERGs: Securing Funding & Support

Successful leaders discuss best practices to help gain funding & senior leader support for your own employee resource groups.