Securing Funding

American Express- Black Employee Network (BEN)
Kelley Williams, Manager, Marketing & Communications
The Leadership Team of the Black Employee Network works to develop the strategy and goals for the upcoming year starting in quarter three of the prior year. The ERG provides the proposed strategy, plan and budget to the executive sponsor for approval.

Charles Schwab & Co.- Women’s Interactive Network at Schwab (WINS)
Kelly Livers, Southern Region Branch Executive
At Schwab, ERGs are funded by the Diversity and Inclusion Office. Aside from the budget they receive every year, they partner with other organizations’ women’s affinity groups in to maximize impact and resources. They focus on sharing the costs of a program and create a community with that approach.

Harris Corporation- Hispanic Resource Group (HRG)
Maria Bruno, Test Engineer
Harris’ Hispanic Resource Group submits a proposal to HR with the results for the current fiscal year, emphasizing the value delivered to the employee and company. The group uses the results as a baseline to address the proposed activities from a value perspective for the upcoming fiscal year.

Oliver Wyman- Gays & Lesbians at Oliver Wyman (GLOW)
Jorge Davo, Consultant & Co-Chair of GLOW
GLOW has been fortunate enough to receive strong support from Oliver Wyman’s leadership. By building a business case for diversity and inclusion at the firm, and by proving the value of GLOW to the firm through Cultural Transformation and Business Development activities, they have secured funding from Oliver Wyman and the parent company.

Gaining Support from Senior Leaders

WellPoint- Veterans’ Organization of WellPoint (VOW)
Rick Swett, Mandates Planning & Evaluations Manager
“We approach them with our business plan laid out in a nice presentation,” communicated ERG Leader Swett. “We also leverage our executive sponsors who are great at knocking on doors and getting other leadership buy-in.”

Booz Allen Hamilton- Women’s Forum
Elizabeth Tribelli, Associate
The ERG is assigned a senior leader each year who supports its efforts while giving recommendations on the way forward. Utilizing a partner to send communications and provide access to senior leaders the group may not normally work with is important. The group is also in the midst of establishing a Board of Advisors made up of senior leaders to give guidance on a strategic plan and direction.

Wal-Mart- Hispanic/Latino Associate Resource Group (HLARG)
Ramon Portilla, Sr. Director Brand Marketing
HLARG established quarterly meetings with an officer sponsor that summarizes results achieved and allows them to present and submit for approval and future plans. The group then asks for specific commitment from them to support some of the plans. In addition, HLARG has an Officer Engagement chair whose role is to expand the exposure of the HLARG strategies to a broader officer base.

Kraft Foods- Women Sales Council (WSC)
Michele Byrd, National Customer Manager
The WSC core is engaging with all levels of senior management on a quarterly basis. The group provides updates about what the WSC is doing in the markets and how others can become more involved. WSC leverages the initiatives as development opportunities for their teams. “As the chair of the WSC, I communicate with headquarter leaders and the diversity management team on annual initiatives and their role in the success of the group. Fortunately for the WSC, Kraft Foods is a firm believer in ERGs and the importance they play in making the organization the best it can be!,” said Boyd, ERG Leader.

Robins, Kaplan, Miller, & Ciresi LLP- LGBT Resource Group
Amy Slusser, Associate
“As a functioning working group of the firm’s Diversity Committee, we directly report to the Diversity Committee Chair and the firm’s Managing Partner,” said ERG Leader Slusser.