Meeting Agenda

RBC Wealth Management- Gay, Lesbian, Allied Diverse Employees (GLADE)
Ellen Krider, VP – Financial Advisor
A typical agenda at GLADE: 1.) Introduction; 2.) Review events/activities that have taken place around the country; 3.) Discuss upcoming events; 4.) Update any corporate or national LGBT developments; 5.) Ask for feedback

Charles Schwab & Co.- Black Professionals at Charles Schwab (BPACS)
Devona McClinton, Sr. Project Manager
A typical agenda includes the following: 1.) Message from national chair (updates from leadership); 2.) Regional updates on planning and recaps of events; 3.) Membership updates; 4.) Q&A

Kraft Foods- Women’s Sales Council
Michele Byrd, National Customer Manager
A typical meeting runs so: 1.) Welcome; 2.) Meeting objectives; 3.) Opening remarks; 4.) Lunch with mentor/sponsor; 5.) Lunch diversity overview; 6.) 2010 WSC accomplishments/2011 goals; 7.) Guest speaker; 8.) Break; 9.) Panel: career development; 10.) Awards presentation; 11.) Networking with senior leaders; 12.) Dinner

Ford- Ford Hispanic Network (FHN)
Carla Traci Preston, Director Supplier Diversity Development
A typical agenda entails such: 1.) Welcome; 2.) Chair remarks; 3.) Budget update from the treasurer; 4.) Committee chair and affiliate chapter updates: (i.e. open action item status, status to objectives, workplan review/next steps, open issues, etc.); 5.) Roundtable/open discussion; 6.) Review of new action items; 7.) Conclusion

Measuring ERG Success

Brown-Forman- Bring Your Own Diversity (BYOD)
Fabricia Mounce & Emma Hutchens, LGBT ERG Co-Leaders
The BYOD ERG measures success in a number of ways. The company engagement survey results, co-leadership survey results, attendance at events, event feedback (developed into metrics), senior leadership feedback and allocation processes.

Nielsen- Support and Employee Resources for Veterans (SERV)
Jeremy Davis, Engineering Manager
“We measure success by active membership. I think members will stay active as long as we can avoid doing too little or too much (boredom vs burnout),” said Jeremy Davis, SERV leader.

Wal-Mart- Women’s Resource Council (WRC)
Mandy McDonald, Director Intl HR Project Management Office
While Wal-Mart’s WRC is working on perfecting the way they measure success, the things they would like to measure include year-over-year performance ratings for members, a change in competency scores of members who attended events focused around certain competencies, and overall improvement in inclusion index scores, which are measured on annual Associate Opinion Survey.

American Express- Women’s Interest Network (WIN)
Caisey Kakasci, Director of Human Resources
American Express’ WIN has recognized a gap in measuring the success of the ERG in the past. For 2012, the group has established a dedicated Success Metrics team to help better define both what success looks like, as well as how it will be measured. Previously WIN gauged success by attendance alone, but the group hopes to do more in the future. Director of HR Caisey Kakasci says, “This is a journey we are only just beginning.”