Gain executive support

It is critical to gain support from company executives to ensure the success of your ERG. Reach out to top level management people like the COO, CEO or CFO and ask for support for your group.

Develop a leadership team

The backbone of any group are the leaders within it.

Leverage Existing ERGs

Meet with previously established diversity groups. This is a great way to gain knowledge of the initial dos and don’ts when forming the ERG.

Increase Awareness

Draw up a plan with your leadership team to develop strategies for recruiting new members. Mediums to consider include: newsletters, company intranet sites, mass email campaigns, flyers included in paychecks, hosting events, advertisements on inter-office boards, word-of-mouth and face-to-face.

Secure Funding

Funding could come from a number of areas such as company diversity budget, membership fees, representative department’s budget, and grants.

Develop Goals/Mission/Vision

-The name should reflect main goals and objectives of the group.
-The ideas should collectively define the group and its purpose.
-Example goals: Increase meeting attendance, increase membership. It is good idea to conduct end-of-year surveys and
determine what changes can be made to improve the ERG.

Confirm Group Structure

-Determine the day/time/location of meetings
-Consider specific roles for group members to take
-Be aware of scheduling conflicts and make plans for alternative meeting agendas (teleconference/video conference)

Develop Business Case

By identifying a business need or shortcoming, the group can generate interest among members and executive sponsors. By solving a key business problem through the ERG you can assure active recruitment/retention and budgeting strategies.

Maintain Momentum

One of the biggest challenges of a successful ERG is maintaining popularity among members. Here are some suggested activities to maintain momentum in your ERG: in-house networking events; workshops on topics related to the ERG; outside speakers.

Measure Success

Benchmark yourself against other company resource groups.