Programs & Accommodations

Supporting employees with disabilites through programming and accommodations will improve the workplace culture of a company, and highlight the diversity and inclusion program as a strength of the company.

Qualcomm includes Disability Awareness Training as part of their incentive to support employees with disabilities. Additionally, Qualcomm sponsors other company-wide programs like Day in a Chair. This program raises awareness of the successes and challenges that people with disabilities face daily. Mentoring Day helps bridge the gap between people with disabilities and the workplace by providing a way for potential job candidates to learn what it’s like to work at Qualcomm.

The Disability Outreach program consultant at WellPoint researches and identifies opportunities for employees with disabilities, making connections that otherwise would not be made. ABLE ERG is involved with the review of service dog guidelines and supporting a self ID project.

Sensitivity & Conduct Training

In order to build a cohesive work culture, every member of the company should be educated. Sensitivity training can be instrumental in creating a professional climate in which every employee, including those with disabilities, feels comfortable offering ideas and voicing opinions.

PNC has ongoing training available through their “Creating a Culture of Inclusion” training series, available to all employees and managers.

In partnership with ABLE, WellPoint delivers annual disability etiquette teleseminars targeted at HR professionals, managers and associates at large. Teleseminars also cover hiring and accommodations, and external guests are invited to present on the topic. EEO training includes disability information to ensure compliance with non-discrimination laws based on disability status.

Pacific Gas & Electric provides etiquette and disability awareness training via webinar and in small group settings.