By Marce Baxley

I joined each of Sprint’s six employee resource groups several years ago, and avidly work to be an advocate for inclusion and diversity. The idea of being a part of communities that serve the needs of Sprint’s business, professional development and the opportunity to get to know others who share my interests is very appealing. A few years ago, I took my involvement further and became an executive sponsor of Pride, Sprint’s LGBT employee resource group. With nearly 700 members, Pride has supported, ushered and even challenged much of Sprint’s LGBT progress over the years.

Sprint Pride members recently created a video for the It Gets Better Project, an international initiative that offers encouragement to LGBT teens who are experiencing bullying. Sprint employees shared deeply personal stories that were truly life impacting and meaningful to others’ journeys.

I want to be a part of a company and a community that inspires, encourages and supports It Gets Better-type efforts. This is the path to the future. The more personal that inclusion and diversity is, the more meaningful it becomes, and the more intrinsic its value. In the future, companies that embrace this will be the employers of choice.