By Karen Ganzlin
Human Resources Officer, TD Ameritrade, Inc.

As a sponsor of Team USA, TD Ameritrade saw an opportunity to align its core values to those of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC).

The company is participating in the Team USA Career Program to support Olympians and Olympic hopefuls as they pursue their Olympic dreams and subsequent transition into the job market. Three Olympic hopefuls are currently employed as interns at TD Ameritrade branches. When these athletes aren’t training in their respective sports, they’re working alongside other associates, learning the business.

For associates, being connected to the athletes on a more personal level makes them feel closer to the Olympic experience and proud to work for a firm that supports Team USA. For athlete interns, it’s been a rewarding experience.
As U.S. Olympic fencer James Williams and TD Ameritrade intern said, “Both TD Ameritrade and Team USA have cultures centered on constant improvement. While being the best is a comparative quality, I believe the most effective mental approach is to just try and be better than you were the day before.”

TD Ameritrade is also sponsoring five athletes: U.S. Olympic diver David Boudia, U.S. Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, U.S. Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton, U.S. Olympic hurdler David Oliver and U.S. Olympic fencer Mariel Zagunis. They will represent TD Ameritrade leading up to and during the games.

Unlike nearly every other National Olympic Committee around the world, the USOC is one of the few that does not receive government assistance or tax dollars. Nearly their entire budget comes from sponsors. With this in mind TD Ameritrade created fundraisers to give associates the opportunity to personally support the team, like developing an Olympic t-shirt, an initiative that raised $10,000 for Team USA.

This represents just a handful of ways the company has embraced its involvement with the Olympics. TD Ameritrade, like many Americans, are inspired by Olympians and Olympic hopefuls and proud to support Team USA as they strive to win this summer in London.