By Steven Nelson
Senior Vice President of Health Services Strategy, Product and Marketing, Highmark

Dreaming of being an Olympic athlete is something like dreaming of being an astronaut. As a little boy, I remember when my friends and I would talk about what we wanted to be when we grew up, and I often said I wanted to be a baseball player and an Olympian.

Now that I am grown up and unfortunately, not an Olympic athlete, I am proud to work for Highmark, the official health insurer of the U.S. Olympic Team since 2005. Highmark provides health insurance to thousands of elite athletes across the country. Among the millions of diverse members are the thousands of elite athletes Highmark has been entrusted to keep healthy and well over the years. These Olympic athletes participate in more than 45 different sports and use their health insurance while training, competing, and traveling within the United States and overseas in the Winter, Summer and Paralympic Games.

It is with great pride that Highmark provides health insurance to these athletes who represent—to the nation and the entire world—what is best about this country. These athletes come from all walks of life. Each has an amazing story to tell about their diversity and how it has impacted their lives and has helped them achieve greatness.

In these athletes, we see ourselves with our own health issues and goals in mind, our own struggles and triumphs, and our own hopes and dreams.

We’re happy and honored that at Highmark, which strives to create a diverse and inclusive culture, we can help these Olympic athletes and our millions of diverse members across the nation achieve their dreams.