Category: Diversity Team Award

Visionworks – DE&I Council

Company: Visionworks Diversity Team Name: DE&I Council Diversity Team Leader(s): Shane Rayford Website: What Makes this Diversity Team Stand Out The DE&I Council—endorsed by Visionwork’s executive leadership team and led by our director of learning & development and creative communications manager—is the driving force of our DE&I approach. The Council includes 30 associates from… Read the full article

WilmerHale – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Company: WilmerHale Diversity Team Name: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Diversity Team Leader(s): Tracey West & Monya Bunch Website: What Makes this Diversity Team Stand Out Any meaningful commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in an organization must start with leadership. The law firm WilmerHale has an Executive Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC), developed specifically… Read the full article

The 2020 Diversity Team Awards

Throughout its history, Profiles in Diversity Journal has recognized thousands of individuals from around the world who are making a difference by advancing the cause of diversity and inclusion. Now, with the introduction of our Diversity Team Award, we honor the collaboration and synergy created by teamwork. We recognize the importance of diverse contributions and… Read the full article

ADM – ADM Diversity & Inclusion Teams

Company: ADM Diversity Team Name: ADM Diversity & Inclusion Teams Diversity Team Leader: Aurelie Giles Website:   ADM’s diversity & inclusion (D&I) global and regional teams have been instrumental in implementing D&I initiatives across the world to continue to develop a diverse talent pool and foster an inclusive workplace culture at ADM. Our gender-balanced… Read the full article

Bass, Berry & Sims – Bass, Berry & Sims

Company: Bass, Berry & Sims Diversity Team Name: Bass, Berry & Sims Diversity Team Leader: Todd Rolapp Website:   Our entire firm is our diversity team, as we are all ambassadors, allies, and active participants in our inclusion and diversity initiatives and programs. Fairness, equal opportunity, and responsibility guide us in building and sustaining… Read the full article

Dechert LLP – Diversity & Inclusion

Company: Dechert LLP Diversity Team Name: Diversity & Inclusion Diversity Team Leader: Satra Sampson-Arokium Website:   As a global law firm with 26 offices in 13 countries, Dechert has a multinational identity that is fundamentally diverse. As such, the firm’s commitments to diversity and inclusion are not simply words written on a website—they are… Read the full article

Fannie Mae – Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

Company: Fannie Mae Diversity Team Name: Office of Minority and Women Inclusion Diversity Team Leader: Bill Fahey Website:   TEAM MEMBERS Tamara Carrera Enterprise Program Manager Tasha Daniels Enterprise Program Manager Tracy Fitzgerald Compliance/Ethics Specialist Damien Heath Diversity & Inclusion Manager Damion Henderson Diversity & Inclusion Consultant Lisa Huynh Business Analyst Jinny Jang Diversity… Read the full article

FordHarrison – FordHarrison Diversity & Inclusion

Company: FordHarrison Diversity Team Name: FordHarrison Diversity & Inclusion Diversity Team Leader: Dawn Siler-Nixon Website:   In 2009, Dawn Siler-Nixon became FordHarrison’s diversity & inclusion partner, charged with leading the firm’s national strategic diversity plan. Over 11 years, Dawn has created a Diversity Team, comprising partners, firm leadership, and staff, which has made significant… Read the full article

Greenspoon Marder LLP – Diversity Council

Company: Greenspoon Marder LLP Diversity Team Name: Diversity Council Diversity Team Leader: Myrna Maysonet Website:   At Greenspoon Marder, we strongly believe that by embracing our diversity and cultivating an inclusive environment, we enrich our employees, strengthen our firm, support our community, and enhance our ability to serve our clients across the globe. The… Read the full article

Liberty Mutual Insurance – Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Company: Liberty Mutual Insurance Diversity Team Name: Office of Diversity & Inclusion Diversity Team Leader: Dawn Frazier-Bohnert Website:   In 2013, Senior Vice President and Global D&I Officer Dawn Frazier-Bohnert built a team intentionally representing different generations, genders, locations, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more to help develop and implement the D&I strategy… Read the full article