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At Eaton, ally advocacy circles help make allies and foster inclusion

By Drew Horansky Like many people during COVID, Chris Mancuso spent a lot of time on Teams—and there is one call he will never forget. It was 2020 when his daughter Kylie, 8, had wandered into their home office only to note the faces on the computer screen. “You work with a bunch of guys!”… Read the full article

Three Career-Building Tips for Young Women

By Nicole James, Vice President of Product Management CX, Oracle Oracle Software Exec Shares Helpful Hints for Women in Tech and Beyond. First, let me introduce myself. I am a Jersey Girl, born and raised in the Garden State. Nonetheless, I built my career by going to where the work was. That willingness, plus a… Read the full article

DEI can help companies survive, even thrive during an economic downturn

By Rohini Anand According to The Economist, a global recession is “inevitable” in 2023.1 During times of economic downturn, not only are DEI budgets likely to be cut, but research shows that underrepresented groups are historically the first to be let go and the last to be rehired.2 Permanent employees are being replaced with part-time… Read the full article

Building a Culture of Partnership: The CEO and Chief Diversity Officer Relationship

Authored by: Natalie Levkovich, CEO, The Health Federation of Philadelphia; Jose Rodriguez, Senior Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Health Federation of Philadelphia; Toya Lawson, Partner, Bridge Partners The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) role continues to gain prominence in both the nonprofit and for-profit industries. This is an encouraging sign, especially as societal change… Read the full article

Uncertainty Avoidance

By Dr. Thomas J. Bussen “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelti Think about the future—say, five years from now. Did a tingle of excitement just course through your body, or was it something closer to anxiety, fear, or maybe even dread? As with… Read the full article

Tackling Unconscious Bias by Un-Biasing the Processes

By Simona Scarpaleggia Some weeks ago, I was invited to take part in a panel debate. Being very familiar with such events, I asked what the seating arrangements would be and was told there would be high stools. Since I am rather petite, I didn’t much like the idea of having to clamber up onto… Read the full article

Q&A New York Life Foundation’s Heather Nesle Talks Social Justice with PDJ

By PDJ “While the New York Life Foundation can’t change the entire system alone, we can fund ideas that could lead to larger systemic change,” says Heather Nesle, president of the New York Life Foundation and senior vice president of New York Life’s Corporate Responsibility. The charitable arm of America’s largest mutual life insurer, New… Read the full article

Oracle’s Veteran Internship: Helping America’s Heroes Make The Challenging Transition To Civilian Work

By Gerry Borja, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Oracle We all know America’s veterans are assets to any organization. Serving in the Armed Forces imbues men and women with incredibly valuable job skills: resourcefulness, the ability to work hard under pressure, commitment, competence, discipline, advanced technical skills, and enormous reserves of grit and courage.… Read the full article

Marilyn Loden Tribute “glass ceiling”

By PDJ Tribute Marilyn Loden July, 12, 1946 – August 6, 2022 “glass ceiling” Marilyn Loden was an American writer, management consultant, diversity advocate, and the person who coined the term “glass ceiling” to describe the invisible, but very real, barrier that women face when it comes to career advancement. As a featured panelist on… Read the full article

Each of Us Must Help to Foster an Inclusive Culture

By Yusuf Z. Zakir My parents immigrated to Canada from East Africa in the 1970s. My family had lived in East Africa for several generations, having originally immigrated there from India. I was born in Canada and raised in an immigrant household. Growing up, I lived in both Canada and the United States, and in… Read the full article