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Collaborative Effort, Amplified Progress

By Eric Eversole, Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Hiring Our Heroes, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation In March 2011, we launched Hiring Our Heroes because we recognized a fundamental problem affecting our military community and an opportunity to help. Indeed, in 2011—a decade after the devastating September 11 attacks—the men and women… Read the full article

Accenture’s Operation: Employment

Career Guidance System Online Networking Tools are Part of Accenture’s Operation: Employment Returning military veterans face many obstacles to finding employment, from communicating transferrable military skills on their resumes to learning how to connect at networking events and in interviews, and using social media in job searches. Creating a tool that would provide more veterans… Read the full article

A Challenge to the Promise of Diversity

By Colonel Robert M. Mundell The U.S. Army’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion has proven effective in enabling the Army to maintain a competitive future advantage. Strategic outreach programs that increase minority representation and enable the Army to better reflect and represent American society, combined with an emphasis on broadening assignments as an integral part… Read the full article

Creating the Right Environment to Support our Veterans

By F. Chase Hawkins With approximately 22 million former service members in the U.S. today (U.S. Department of Defense), Veterans represent an enormous pool of potential candidates for corporate American jobs. Many companies in the United States have made significant progress in terms of hiring veterans (U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, Employment Situation of Veterans… Read the full article

Many Hills to Climb

Lt. La’Shanda Holmes first made headlines nearly three years ago for becoming the first African-American female helicopter pilot in the U.S. Coast Guard. We met her in 2012 at the height of her recognition and praise from the nation for refusing to let her struggles define her life’s course.

When Veterans Reach Their Greatest Potential, So Do We

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 71 percent of U.S. military veterans in the private sector workforce reported having a service-related disability in 2011. Historically, people with disabilities, veterans included, have been much less likely to be employed.

Celebrating 150 Years of Valor

By Noelle Bernard THE MEDAL OF HONOR EXEMPLIFIES A SOLDIER’S COURAGE, INTEGRITY, VALOR, AND ABOVE ALL, SACRIFICE. This year is the 150th anniversary of the highest military honor bestowed to a servicemember for risking life in combat beyond the call of duty. “For 150 years America has reserved its highest military honor, the Medal of… Read the full article

South Pole Allied Challenge

By Grace Austin THIS DECEMBER, PRINCE HARRY WILL ACCOMPANY A GROUP OF EXTRAORDINARY DISABLED SOLDIERS TO THE SOUTH POLE. DUBBED THE SOUTH POLE ALLIED CHALLENGE, HE WILL SERVE AS THE OFFICIAL EXPEDITION PATRON. The mission will be a culmination of their yearlong journey with Soldiers to Summits, a nonprofit program of No Barriers USA, which… Read the full article

Veteran’s Programs Promote Healing Through Love, Relaxation, and the Creative Process

By Noelle Bernard FOR IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN WAR VETERANS, THE COST OF WAR HAS LEFT LIFE-ALTERING INJURIES THAT MAKE RETURNING TO CIVILIAN LIFE DIFFICULT. The long-term effects of these conflicts have put strains on veterans’ hospitals struggling to properly meet needs as the country’s 12.5 million non-elderly veterans grows in number. To help alleviate such… Read the full article

Bringing Together Homeless Veterans and Corporate America

John Cassese, who had already started two information technology companies, was watching 60 Minutes with his wife several years ago when a segment profiled the plight of homeless veterans in San Diego. Turning to his wife, he said, “These are our heroes? This is how we, as a country, take care of them?” The question… Read the full article