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New VHA Diversity Director: Retired Colonel and Healthcare Professional David Rabb Takes Over Leadership Duties at VHA

“Diversity and inclusion has to become ubiquitous and embedded in every aspect of what we do to care for veterans and their families.”

Trend 3: Coming Home: People with Disabilities and Veterans

The veterans issue has raised the visibility of the needs for people with disabilities and diversity and inclusion practitioners need to be sure that they are adequately equipped to address these issues in your organizations.

2013: The D&I Tipping Point – 9 Key Trends

2012 was a tipping point for many diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues in this country and around the globe. We saw a number of defining moments, many of them controversial and misunderstood, that will require the attention of D&I experts this year and beyond.

The Ins and Outs of the GI Bill

The first GI Bill, the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, was a monumental piece of legislation that transformed the lives of veterans and their families, establishing the ideals of the American Dream and creating the infrastucture for a stable middle class of the 1950’s. Now almost 70 years later, the new GI Bill, including the Post-9/11 and Montgomery GI Bill, has reestablished one of America’s greatest contributions to veterans.

First Female Helicopter Pilot Overcomes Adversity on Land and Sea

La’Shanda Jones— now a 27-year-old MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter pilot—is a pioneer: the first female African-American helicopter pilot in Coast Guard history.

How a Service-Disabled Veteran Created a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Dwayne Hayes, President of Exalt Integrated Technologies LLC, is an African-American, service-disabled veteran who was named on of the top five entrepreneurs in Atlanta by Business to Business.

Surviving On & Off the Battlefield: How Female Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma Push for Recovery

According to the VA, about twenty percent of women (and about one percent of the men) who receive treatment at VA Health Centers report being victims of military sexual trauma.

Heroes Coming Home

The Sears Heroes at Home program raises money to support the rehabilitation of homes for veterans and military families across the country in collaboration with Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading non profit working to preserve affordable homeownership.

No Barriers, No Excuses: How a Congenital Amputee Reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

A few weeks after Maynard and his Mission Kilimanjaro team summited the mountain, Kyle related the experience. “The vision is, that regardless of what’s happened to you, you can still choose to create the life that you want, not just be overcome with a sense of loss and mediocrity. Regardless of who you are, you can still fight for the things that you want.”

A Letter to the Nation: Reflections on the Morning of Repeal

Col Gary Packard Jr., PhD shares his reflections the morning after 10 U.S.C. § 654- Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law was repealed.