Multicultural Marketing Manager
Ford Motor Company

Multicultural marketing is a key component of our plan to drive sales and market share.

How does your organization use ethnic insights to drive growth? The insights we gather are included in our strategic and tactical planning. it is a part of the business planning process. Multicultural marketing isn’t considered just a community initiative; it is a collective effort that is tied back to the business plan.

How is your organization’s senior management engaged or involved in the multicultural marketing process?  All levels of senior management have touched our multicultural marketing planning in some way. The General Manager of Marketing and the Director of Communications are involved day-to-day, from strategy to tactical execution. The management team is very supportive in removing barriers to success.

Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan
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Primary Business: Automotive

Do you engage ethnic business partners in your multicultural marketing process? If so, how? Yes, they are the keepers of the best cultural insights. We utilize our strategic partners for a better understanding of the marketplace, best practices, and execution of culturally relevant programs.

List the various ways your organization begins to understand the culture of the groups it wants to reach.  We engage our multicultural ad agencies in the product research process to ensure that we get culturally relevant insights to connect with the target markets.