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On the Anniversary of Diversity, Does Its Purpose Deserve a Second Look?

Perhaps it is time to take a sober second look at the promise of diversity. Perhaps it’s time for us to revisit why we are doing this.

Good Job? Cultural Communication Differences

Craig Storti, an intercultural communications consultant and trainer, shares his insight on positive reinforcement in the workplace.

Q&A with Kim Wayans and Kevin Knotts

Widely known for her appearances on In Living Color with her famous brothers, actress Kim Wayans has ventured into the world of children’s books within the past few years. Her series, Amy Hodgepodge, focuses on the trials and tribulations of an ethnically-diverse 10-year old, Amy. Damian Johnson spoke with Wayans and husband Kevin Knotts, who co-writes the series with her.

Holiday Diversity Tips

Did you know that thousands of people from virtually every nation and ethnic group arrive on our shores? It has truly become a multi-cultural mosaic.

Relief to Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Japan

The employees and management of Ogletree Deakins Law Firm were greatly moved by the unimaginable loss of lives, homes and businesses to the people of Japan, resulting from the devastating earthquakes and tsunami.

So Many Cultures, So Little Time

In an Increasingly multicultural workplace, a lot of American managers wonder how they’re supposed to be an expert on so many cultures. If you supervise a team that includes an Indian, a Vietnamese, and a Russian (among others), how can you be expected to know what makes all these people tick, hence how to manage each of them in order to call forth their best performance?

Religion: A Window Into Culture

What do the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Buddhist shrine in Chang Mai, Thailand, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City have in common? They are four different expressions of religion, a common denominator that has developed within four distinct cultures.

Halliburton Finds The Best Talent in Every Country and Culture

Halliburton is a leading energy services company with 60,000 employees working in 80 countries. Our employees speak more than 200 languages, and they range from field operators to engineers, scientists and managers.

Are We in A Post-Racial America?

A post-racial America refers to a society that has moved beyond racial preference, discrimination and prejudice.

Cross Cultural Mentoring – A Case for Inclusiveness in Action

Mentoring is a method of knowledge transfer that incites development in both the mentor and the mentee. Workplaces all over the world have embraced mentoring.