by Madeleine Gray

Vice President, Business Technology Delivery
US Airways

Headquartered: Tempe, Arizona
Web Site:
Primary Business: Airline Transportation
Employees: 31,000

Who in your family has had the most impact on your success? Two people – my mother and my husband. My mother molded my independent spirit and set an example that with hard work, perseverance and determination, anything is possible. My husband has always been my biggest cheerleader and gave me the space and support to explore career options.

What is your definition of leadership? To me, leadership is being able to set a visionary goal, inspire and enroll the team to believe that it’s possible, then move out of the way so the team can accomplish it but always be available should they need your help.

What advice can you provide for young leaders? First of all, be humble. You’ll likely be leading folks that may be older and with more experience. So you have to earn their trust by respecting their experience and listening earnestly. Admit your mistakes and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability as your team will then become your champion. Build strong relationships with your peers, don’t burn bridges in the quest for success, assume you still have lots to learn and live with integrity.

Education: Bachelor’s in Spanish & Sociology, University of Texas, Arlington
What I’m Reading: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, by Liz Wiseman, Greg McKeown
My Philosophy: Nothing is impossible
Interests: Baseball fan, reading, mentoring

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