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Inspired Doctor Helps Disadvantaged Students with Dreams

The disparities in healthcare are one of today’s hot-button issues, with everyone from political pundits to major hospitals weighing in on the subject. Some experts have suggested that increasing the diversity of the healthcare workforce will close these gaps and produce more innovative approaches to diseases. This is the goal of Mentoring in Medicine, a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by an ER doctor.

Tech Entrepreneurs Launch Groupon-type App for Hispanic Users

Hispanic mobile usage is growing four times faster than the general population. The demographic currently represents twenty-five percent of total U.S. iPhone ownership. Two tech entrepreneurs have attempted to capitalize on these demographic changes with a new “lifestyle” mobile application that caters to the Hispanic business and consumer market.

Five Years Later: An Update on the Apprentice Program at Fox News

The brainchild and namesake idea of CEO Roger Ailes, the Ailes Apprentice Program reaches out to minority journalists, in college or already working for FOX, to participate in a year-long, paid apprenticeship program. Currently in its ninth year, the program offers apprentices the opportunity to learn the corporate culture, and provides them with individual mentors and one-on-one time with FOX CEO Ailes.

Increasing Minority MBA Enrollment

The lack of minorities receiving graduate degrees in business is a growing problem, affecting the number of qualified candidates in the corporate job market. The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management works to increase the presence of African American, Hispanic, and Native Americans in MBA programs and the corporate world.

Why Do Minority Test Scores Still Lag behind Whites?

Studies show Hispanic and African Americans are far below their Asian and white counterparts in terms of graduation rates. Schools, sociologists, and thought leaders across the country have been debating this question for years: why do minority test scores still lag behind whites?

Law & Color: Colorado’s Center for Legal Inclusiveness Targets Attrition in Law and Poor Minority Representation

The legal profession has the least representation of racial and ethnic diversity than all professional careers. Diverse attorney attrition is another troublesome issue in the legal industry. To combat these trends in law, the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI) is taking a focused approach on working to improve the retention and advancement of diverse attorneys by helping legal organizations create more inclusive workplaces.

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