Lyliana Xochitl Newberry

VP of Advanced Programs Operations
Harris Corporation

Education: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin
What I’m Reading: The Road to Organic Growth: How Great Companies Consistently Grow Marketshare from Within, by Ed D. Hess
My Philosophy: Do your best every day, don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun at work.
Interests: My family, dogs and aquarium, kayaking, tennis, water sports

How do you define leadership?

Helping others achieve what they never thought possible through vision, encouragement, support and the power of teamwork.

What’s the worst mistake a leader can make?

Ignoring or not acknowledging personal mistakes.

What was the best advice you ever received?

Don’t be self deprecating or you will become your criticism. What are some personal and/or professional sacrifices to being a leader? Mentally, you are rarely “off the clock.”