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CVS Caremark takes great pride in its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company’s unique approach to diversity management sets it apart as a global leader, providing tools and resources that enable CVS colleagues to manage diversity and fully integrate it into all aspects of their daily lives. This vision of strategic diversity management requires… Read the full article

Diversity is Everybody’s Business

Over the past several years, Coca Cola Enterprises has honed its focus on diversity and built a foundation for inclusion companywide. This has resulted in the organization introducing engaging and innovative programs, obtaining the enthusiastic support of senior leadership, and generally gaining momentum. Aligning Diversity Plans with Business Priorities Although Coca Cola Enterprises is proud… Read the full article

Diversity…Moving Forward at Charles Schwab

There are many business reasons why companies recognize the need to build a diverse workforce and sustain it with a robust strategy. However, for the strategy to be effective, it must be rooted in the company’s vision, brand, and business goals. Schwab has been a leader in financial services for four decades, working to make… Read the full article

Leveraging Differences to Drive Rapid Innovation

Capital One has been committed to diversity since the company’s founding in 1994. Seen from the start as a significant competitive advantage, the company has always worked to put individual and cultural differences to work to add value to the business. An essential part of Capital One’s approach is to bring together associates with diverse… Read the full article

Diversity & Inclusion Driven Opportunity at Caesars

As Caesars Entertainment Corporation grows and expands into new markets, the organization continues to integrate its cognitive diversity model into all internal learning and development efforts across the enterprise, and to enhance and promote its corporate culture as one of inclusion-driven opportunity. In new and potential business locations (including Cleveland, Ohio, Baltimore, Maryland, and Boston,… Read the full article

Ready for What’s Next at Booz Allen Hamilton

A recognized leader in diversity and inclusion (D&I) for many years, Booz Allen embraces the idea that inclusion drives innovation, engagement, and improved business results. The D&I Summit To maintain its status as a diverse employer of choice, the company recently took steps to reshape its diversity and Inclusion strategy for 2013 and beyond. C-suite,… Read the full article

Diversity Is Front and Center at BASF

At BASF Corporation, the focus is on attracting and retaining the best people from all backgrounds, and on building an inclusive environment in which differences are valued. The company’s regional diversity council guides the development and implementation of its diversity and inclusion strategy. New Focus, New Partners Recruitment efforts have recently been expanded to include… Read the full article

American Express: Diverse as the Customers They Serve

After nearly three decades, American Express’s commitment to diversity remains strong as the organization continues to strive to create an employee base as diverse as the customers and communities it serves. Leveraging employees’ unique insights and experiences helps American Express foster an environment where innovative and intelligent people want to build careers. To capitalize on… Read the full article

For Diversity Success, Communication is Key at Ameren

During the coming year, Ameren will look for opportunities to engage the company’s Diversity Ambassadors, as well as Employee Resource Group (ERG) leadership. These efforts will include a major summit that features educational speakers and training. Ameren’s Diversity Council will meet with Ameren’s Executive Leadership Team for a joint strategic planning session. A full gap… Read the full article

Inclusion and Diversity on a Global Scale at Accenture

At Accenture—a global organization with 275,000 employees in 54 countries—workplace culture is directly influenced by six core values, especially Respect for the Individual, Stewardship, and Integrity. There is also a strong focus on inclusion and diversity. Teaching and Learning about Diversity As Accenture grows globally, creating new ways to equip employees with the resources and… Read the full article