Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Looking inside and out for change in 2021
By Teshia Levy-Grant In recent years, many organizations have focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. But renewed national attention on social justice is paving the way for more and greater change in 2021. Data from employment and recruiting site Glassdoor shows that DEI-related job openings across all... Read more
Five Ways Women Can Help Women (Including Themselves) Succeed in the Workplace
By Vickie Thrasher, Senior Vice President Human Resources – Organization and People Capability, Oracle It’s hardly news that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the workforce hard worldwide or that it has disproportionately impacted women, including women of color. During the pandemic, this group suffered involuntary layoffs or were forced... Read more
Charting the Path to Equity in the Workplace
By Donald Fan, Senior Director, Global Office of Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Walmart More and more organizations have recognized the significance of advancing equity as a strategic imperative and competitive advantage. In my article, which appeared in the fall issue of this publication and was entitled “Four... Read more
Entrepreneurship as a Vehicle to Wealth, Independence, and Legacy
By Janet and Gary Smith Business success requires a combination of factors that are more like a perfect storm than a perfect science; it is not just an easily assembled set of attributes and traits. Partnerships don’t always work, good ideas don’t always make it to market, and markets... Read more
Four Essential Levers CEOs Can Adopt to Achieve Racial & Gender Equality
By Donald Fan, Senior Director of the Global Office of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at Walmart, Inc. In the wake of the coronavirus, racial injustice, hate crime, and a declining economy, we realize that leading through crisis requires an inclusive mindset with decisive action and strength of purpose. Inclusive... Read more
The D&I Journey in Italy: How Far Have We Come?
English Italian By Claudio Guffanti, Founder of Unlimited Views Back when I began to study Diversity and Inclusion topics, I noticed a trend with Italian companies unaware of the intrinsic commercial value that D&I provides. Likewise, I was unable to find training courses in Italy that I considered worthwhile.... Read more
Building a Future of Work for Women
By Lorraine Hariton, President & CEO of Catalyst As President and CEO of Catalyst, a global nonprofit that works with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women, I am honored to introduce the 19th annual Women Worth Watching®... Read more
Why I Support Wes Hall & BlackNorth
By Trevor Wilson Several years ago, I had a vexing business problem that proved to be difficult to overcome. A friend of mine asked me if I knew Wes Hall. While I had heard the name, I had never met the man. I knew he was Black, I knew... Read more
Canada’s Wes Hall Assumes Leadership Role in Fight Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism
By Trevor Wilson and Alecia Maragh Wes Hall, one of Canada’s most influential powerbrokers, runs the leading shareholder advisory firm in North America. This strong, confident and dynamic man was the subject of a rags-to-riches success story featured on the cover of Report on Business (a magaizne insert in... Read more
Social Pinging—the Next Stage in Achieving Meaningful Inclusion
By Barbara Hockfield, Executive Managing Director, Insight Education Systems Ego, combined with good intentions, causes people to relax the reins in their quest to achieve Diversity Champion status. Good intentions are often substituted for truly effective inclusive behavior. They may think, “If my intentions are good, then my actions... Read more