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Health is Wealth

According to a report from the 2010 World Economic Forum, “eight risks and behaviors drive 15 chronic conditions that account for over 80 percent of total costs for all chronic illnesses worldwide.” But how do you encourage employees to be proactive about their health while lowering costs?

An Employee Health Initiative as Global as the Olympics

With a company purpose to “care and cure,” it’s natural that Novartis makes employee health a top priority. In 2011, the company launched Be Healthy, a global health and well-being initiative designed to support healthy lifestyles, share knowledge, and help reduce injury and risk of disease that can negatively impact people’s personal and professional lives.

Creating a Work Environment where Taking Care of Yourself is Encouraged

Allstate believes that supporting employees in improving their overall well-being helps them not only lead more fulfilling lives but creates a more productive organization. The well-being program focuses on supporting employees in their journey to become physically energized, financially strong, mentally focused and emotionally connected.

Making Health a Mission at Raytheon

Raytheon is helping employees improve their health and wellness efforts through a companywide program entitled Mission:Health, offering comprehensive programs, services and resources for employees and their families to encourage them to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

“Biggest Winners” Lose lbs. at Irell & Manella

Irell & Manella recently implemented “Be Well@IRELL,” a firm-sponsored wellness program. The goal was to inspire employees to do something that would translate into tangible results and in turn spark enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating right.

Prevent, Educate, and Balance at Akraya

Wellness and health are very important values at Akraya. Our mission statement is “People Come First.” This reflects the quality of talent we place as a staffing company but also our attitude towards our employees and their well-being. The cornerstones of our wellness program are three simple words: Prevent, Educate, and Balance.

CSC’s “Global Get Fit Challenge”

At CSC, our people are essential to business success. In an attempt to create a healthier employee population, CSC piloted an exercise initiative in the U.S. called the “CSC Walking Challenge” in 2010. The program leveraged the company’s partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA), using their online tool to track individual and team progress.

Wellness Integrate with D&I

When Northrop Grumman embarked on an employee engagement initiative, our business sector sought to develop a broader, more holistic approach to the engagement model.

Metlife: Helping those with Chronic Conditions, Offering Incentives for Checkups

At MetLife we believe that good health enables associates to be their best personally and professionally. We’ve made wellness a priority, helping associates modify risk factors and minimize complications of chronic conditions, improving their health while helping us avoid costly medical claims and boost productivity.