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Eli Lilly and Company’s Minority Health Efforts

By Shaun Hawkins, Chief Diversity Officer, Eli Lilly and Company ACCESS TO BETTER health is not only about getting proper care. People also must have culturally relevant health resources and programs. As we all know, we’re not all the same. That is why Lilly is working to understand how cultural differences impact patient outcomes. We’re… Read the full article

Helping America Live Healthier

By Dr. John Agwunobi, President of Health & Wellness, Walmart U.S. I STARTED MY career as a pediatrician because I found it rewarding to help children and enjoyed seeing the positive difference you could make in each life. When I got the call to enter public service, first at the Florida Department of Health and… Read the full article

Kidney Disease: A Silent Epidemic Among People of Color

By Laura Mildenberger, Chief People Officer, DaVita Ten years ago, Valinda Jones was a busy African-American woman with moderately high blood pressure. She was also a labor and delivery nurse with thirty-five years of medical experience. Devoted to her family and career, Jones was always on the go, but a lot of the time, she… Read the full article

Striving to Eliminate Health Disparities in New Jersey

By Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO, American Conference on Diversity AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE four times more likely to die from asthma than their white counterparts. The rate of HIV infection among Latinas is four times greater than white women. Asian Americans are at greater risk of being infected with hepatitis B than non-Asians. Health inequity… Read the full article

How the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is Combating Childhood Obesity

By Grace Austin The statistics are shocking yet shamefully unsurprising. One-third of children are obese. Minority and low-income children are more at risk of being overweight and obese as well—research shows one in five black children are obese and almost half of obese children live below the poverty line. Low-income and minority children are often… Read the full article

The Cleveland Clinic’s Modlin Tackles Minority Health Disparities

Solving health inequities is a complicated issue, but one that is achievable. The Cleveland Clinic, for itself, is working to get out the message and provide an example to other health institutions.

Former Wall Street Executive Starts New Health Food Venture to Help Cancer Patients

A former finance executive’s misgivings with patients’ food helped create a new venture designed to increase nutrition.

Stick It! Two Words that Influence My Career

Lessons learned continue to influence my work ethic and values, including a determination to win and put more people in the game, a commitment to be the best squad, and an acute awareness of the need to challenge assumptions about our sport. Here are three routines that still influence my career.

Supporting American Heart Association at Union Bank

Union Bank recognizes the importance of investing in the total wellness of employees and communities, and supports programs that assist underserved diverse communities with health education.

Butler Snow’s BalancedLives Holistic Well-being Approach

The health and wellness of employees has always been a priority at Butler Snow. As a multi-office regional law firm, the demands of the workplace can certainly be taxing at times, both physically and mentally. The BalancedLives workplace wellness program as a way to provide opportunities for our attorneys and employees to achieve a greater sense of balance between the demands of the workplace and home life.