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Parental Leave: Are Healthy Families Worth It?

Pew Research recently took a look at government supported parental leave—both paid and unpaid—in 38 countries. The U.S. came in dead last.

The Family and Medical Leave Act enables employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for various kinds of family care without losing their jobs, but most people (read women—the caretakers in most families) simply can’t afford to do it—they can’t forego several weeks or months of income. And, of course, they risk sidetracking their careers.

Road to Recovery

By Nikki Hunt Predominately publicized as a disease affecting women, Christopher Skarinka opens up about his battle with bulimia. The National Eating Disorders Association is the United States’ leading nonprofit organization advocating for individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Formed in 2001, NEDA campaigns for prevention, quality treatment, and increased research funding. Christopher Skarinka… Read the full article

Falling Through the Health Care Coverage Gaps

By Noelle Bernard Boyer Providing Options for Low-Income Women Low-income women are falling through what is being called “the health care coverage gap” as the nation moves toward full participation under the Affordable Care Act. On January 1, the country’s new law extended health care coverage to roughly 14 million uninsured American women through either… Read the full article

The Power of a Single Hour

Give an Hour’s network of volunteer mental health professionals helps veterans deal with the psychological effects of combat.

Obama Administration 2.0: What’s at Stake for Employers

During Barack Obama’s first term as president, most of his pro-employee legislative agenda was stymied by Congress. Undeterred, the Obama Administration turned to administrative agencies such as the Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to move forward its workplace agenda. The stakes continue to be high for employers… Read the full article

Health Isn’t One Size Fits All

By Wayne N. Burton, Chief Medical Officer, American Express Health is not one size fits all. We recognize our workforce is increasingly diverse and work to ensure the health needs of all American Express employees are being met. Using a data-driven approach is important to understand how to better serve employees. Awareness of health disparities… Read the full article

Using ERGs to Improve Health and Well-Being

By Saurabh Tripathi, CFO, Surgery, GE Healthcare and Raj Thakkar, General Manager, Sourcing, GE Energy Management GE HAS ALWAYS considered cultivating diversity in the workplace as a competitive advantage. Diversity is about the power of the mix—the strength that results from a team with varied experiences, backgrounds, and styles. As a global company, talent must… Read the full article

Examining Health Disparities Through a Social Justice Lens

By Dr. Taffye Benson Clayton, Vice Provost for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill THE STATISTICS ON minority health are compelling, forcing us to question why such disparities exist. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill we are working not only to discover… Read the full article

Identifying Stress as Factor in Lost Productivity

By Dr. Christopher Butts, Vice President, K. Parks Consulting, Inc. At K. Parks Consulting, Inc. we know the ability of workforces to produce their best work is in large part dependent on their level of health. Our efforts seek to yield a culture of diversity that fosters the inclusion of every member. Without this business… Read the full article

Chronic Disease Can Be Solved with Diet

By Dr. Akua Woolbright, Senior Healthy Eating & Wellness Educator, Whole Foods Market MANY OF THE CHRONIC diseases in America are diet related, and can be prevented, reduced, and even reversed by simply eating the right foods. On various levels we all understand this, yet it can be extremely difficult to make dietary changes. I… Read the full article