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My American Dream Fulfilled

I have to confess that living in the U.S. was always a secret dream of mine and I feel so fortunate to now be living and working in this great country—it is my American Dream.

Cuban Refugee Becomes CDO

James Truslow Adams’ definition of the American Dream, “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability and achievement” is one which I firmly stand behind. The upcoming generation of leaders needs to realize the importance of hard work, education, and perseverance.

Engineer’s Journey from San Salvador to U.S.

Certainly, in many ways, my wife and I have embraced this nation that has so much embraced us as well. In 2000, we proudly became citizens of the United States of America. We do this not so much to renounce our heritage, but to bring in our grain of salt to this great diverse nation, as we continue to pursue our American Dream.

My American Dream

While many opportunities may be equally available to all, progress is achieved when individual talents and contributions are highlighted and recognized.

Nassau Native’s Focus Led to Job at ADP

I don’t come from the school of thought that people can do or be anything they want. Sometimes doing a great job and working hard isn’t always enough.

Highmark: Official Health Insurer of the USA Olympic Team

Dreaming of being an Olympic athlete is something like dreaming of being an astronaut. These athletes come from all walks of life. Each has an amazing story to tell about their diversity and how it has impacted their lives and has helped them achieve greatness.

A Look at Team Citi’s Paralympic Athletes

A in-depth look at two of Citi’s Paralympic athletes.

The Hartford: Supporting Paralympics Since 1994

The Hartford has been a supporter of U.S. Paralympics since 1994. In a groundbreaking agreement in 2003, The Hartford became a founding partner of U.S. Paralympics, the first and only insurance carrier to pledge support to U.S. Paralympics and its 300 elite athletes.

Alongside Olympic Athletes, TD Ameritrade Strives for Better

As a sponsor of Team USA, TD Ameritrade saw an opportunity to align its core values to those of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC).

“Winning and Diverse Teams” Important

I believe that sports and athletic activity is a universal language, and also a perfect example of how teamwork needs to be at the heart of projects to reach objectives and the best results.