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Creating Value

Have you ever worked with someone who puts the “me” in team? More than likely, during the course of your career you have encountered “me” more than once. If you still can’t picture someone who fits the “me” bill, here are a few ways to spot them.

Culture, Values and the Impact at Work

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia “The world is getting smaller,” we say. We travel more. We buy products from every corner of the world—at home. We travel abroad to work. We work in organizations that either have headquarters in another country or in organizations that are connected to other countries for internal or external reasons. Culture is… Read the full article

Work-Life Balance in a Global Context

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia “Work/life balance,” “WLB,” “work – and life balance.” “A beloved child has many names,” is a Norwegian saying. But some companies avoid talking about this subject, for fear of opening “Pandora’s box” and hearing how people are really doing, thinking they cannot meet the employees’ expectations and wishes. A progressive company would… Read the full article

A New Era of Women Entrepreneurs?

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia “Female entrepreneurs currently account for approximately a third of all entrepreneurs worldwide, and the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that by the year 2025, the share of women entrepreneurship in that country will increase to more than 55 per cent.” The Global Legal Post, April 2012. As a woman entrepreneur, my eyes are… Read the full article

Update: Diversity in the Medical Industry

The medical industry is one known to lack a diverse workforce. African American, Latino, and Native American practicing physicians make up only 6 percent of all practicing physicians in the United States. Given that 26 percent of the U.S.’s population consists of ethnic minorities, this demonstrates just how much the medical industry lacks diversity.

Generational Diversity: Ageism Misplaced

The majority of the current workforce is made up of three generations- Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Millenials- the diversity among those generations is blatant. Overall, each generation may be influenced to adopt the values of another, partially or totally; ultimately this translates to well-rounded and productive employees.

Work/Life Balance in the Home Office

When one’s business is at one’s home, it’s especially easy to get drawn into the trap of never really leaving work—for instance, foregoing family time to check and respond to emails, or regularly putting one’s “me-time” on hold due to client requests. Finding a work/life balance is difficult. Here are some tips for those struggling or who wish to better.

Opening the Blind Spot

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia There is an IT company called Unicus in Norway that has hired several employees with Asperger’s Syndrome. This is a profitable company with a pool of unique talents working for them (the managing director says that one employee learned Japanese on his own, another can read 2000 words per minute.) These are… Read the full article