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Inclusive Behaviors and the Time Squeeze

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia Having “enough time” seems to be a luxury most people don’t have these days. In Norway one can often read about tidsklemma, which is translated to “the time squeeze”. This is often referred to as a challenge for parents with children and full-time jobs, but it is not limited to just this… Read the full article

Inclusive Leadership with White Male Executives: 2.0 – How Will We Handle Fear and Create Safety?

Throughout the process of the White Men’s Leadership Study, the fears of ‘diverse others’ (those who are not white men) came to light: a concern that white guys will take over D&I, the risk to opportunity if they actually engage white men with position power, the challenge to change their minds about what white male leaders are willing to learn.

International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Check out stats and facts in this infographic.

Inclusive Leadership with White Male Executives: 1.0– Why is White Male Inclusion Important?

When we, as diversity and inclusion leaders, engage and equip white male leaders, our organizations will make progress in solving problems.

Trend 9: Race: Evolving Definitions

Some argued that designations such as black, white, Asian and Hispanic are outmoded classifications with little valid meaning for understanding genetic variations. The other side opined that meaningful DNA variations can track racial lines and to not explore them might jeopardize the effectiveness of the emerging concept of personalized medicine, aimed at developing treatment based on a person’s genetic makeup.

Trend 8: Immigration: A Global Issue

Opening a country’s borders to people from “foreign lands” has been a controversial issue for centuries but as globalization, due largely to technological advances, has made it much easier to be borderless, the issue is front and center.

Trend 7: The New Global Workforce: Female, Young, Old, Non-White

The need for culturally competent leaders will be ever more urgent as the workforce becomes more and more diverse on a number of different dimensions.

Honey, There’s a Conflict in My Soup!

Managing and promoting effective communication should always be the goal when dealing with difficult people. When there is conflict, communication can ensure the advantage of protecting and preventing conflict from ever disrupting the business process. Different styles and personality types, chiefly, represent a barrier to overcome due to the potential to communication breakdown.

Tap into the Power of Engaged Employees

Highly engaged employees are easy to spot. They try harder on the job and drive business results. According to Temkin Group’s 2013 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, they are twice as likely both to work after their shift ends and to do something good for the company that is unexpected of them.

Trend 6: Who Am I? The Rise of Multiple Identities

We all have multiple identities. No one is uni-dimensional. President Barack Obama exemplifies the conundrum of intersection of multiple identities well. His father is from Kenya and his mother was white American, officially making him bi-racial. He lived in Indonesia and Hawaii during his formative years, making him what anthropologists call a “Third Culture kid. However he is most often identified in a uni-dimensional way as “African American”.