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Advice to Women of Color: Don’t Give Up!

Im a trial lawyer. I am a partner in an AmLaw 150 law firm. And I am a woman of color. I have spent my entire 14-year career at my law firm. I love my job. I love the law firm environment.

Leveling the Playing Field

We’ve started a new year and as we said goodbye to 2010, we had an opportunity to review where we stood in terms of our personal goals as well as our organizational metrics.

African Forms of Conflict Resolution Are Appearing in the West

In Rwanda there are approximately 120,000 murderers waiting to stand trial for massacring a million people in the 1994 genocide. It has been estimated that it would take over 120 years to bring these murderers to trial using the western judicial system.

Adrian J. Anderson, KPMG LLP

Tax Partner Who in your family had the most impact on your success? Many family members have supported me throughout my career, and enabled me to achieve success. If I had to point to one person, though, it would be my grandfather, Steve Spann, who had the greatest impact on me. He instilled in me… Read the full article

Tracey Gray-Walker, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company

Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Who is/was your most influential leadership mentor and why? One of my first managers. A demanding leader, she has an amazing ability to motivate and lead people toward her vision, always encouraging people to be their very best. She has a unique ability of making each team member… Read the full article

Tim Mackie, AXA Advisors, LLC

Executive Vice President and Branch Manager Who is/was your most influential leadership mentor and why? The late Darwin Davis, who had an exceptional career at AXA Equitable. Darwin was a great husband, father, and friend, and highly respected in the workplace and community. Darwin was an example of success for African Americans and he encouraged… Read the full article

John Thompson, Best Buy Company, Inc.

Senior Vice President and General Manager, BestBuy.com Who is/was your most influential leadership mentor and why? Dick Gray, my manager at General Electric Company, was the “king of accountability” and believed that integrity was what you did when no one was watching. Therefore, being a self-starter, anticipating issues, and developing alternatives were lessons I learned… Read the full article

Melissa Donaldson, CDW Corporation

Senior Manager, Inclusion Practices Who is/was your most influential leadership mentor and why? There are several mentors that have influenced me along the way. I enjoy speaking with a variety of leaders from varying walks of life to understand their journey, challenges, successes, and insights. Some came along earlier in my career, others much more… Read the full article

Richard Coats, Burger King Corporation

Division Vice President, Franchise Operations Who was your most influential leadership mentor and why? I once worked with a gentleman named Alan Houston, a senior executive who inspired me because of his commitment to do the right thing. The company we worked for expected high year-over-year growth and he was the first executive I saw… Read the full article