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7 Famous Individuals Who Attended HBCUs

By Grace Austin Toni Morrison This Nobel Prize-winning author of classics like Song of Solomon and Beloved graduated from Howard University with a degree in English in 1953. A native of Lorain, Ohio, Morrison was a member of the historically black Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. She later returned to Howard to teach, where she also… Read the full article

Connecting Diverse Communities to U of Chicago Health Events

By Amy E. Best, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Exelon AS AN ELECTRIC and gas utility company serving more than 6.6 million customers in urban areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, the well-being of Exelon is intrinsically linked to that of our customers. For this reason, the company works to decrease the… Read the full article

Diversity at Design: Improving Diversity at Parsons and Design Schools

Art and design have long been an outlet for the different, the marginalized, and the pioneering. And over time, design schools have become the traditional homes for educating those who will go on to produce and reshape design. So why does diversity still remain an issue? Parsons The New School of Design, is working to figure that out.

‘News Lady’: the Carole Simpson Story

Still as feisty at 71 years old as she was during her ABC News heyday, Carole Simpson is truly a pioneer in the field of broadcast journalism. Current journalists like Robin Roberts have acknowledged Simpson as their forbearer and role model, an outspoken African American female in a business that was long a boys’ club.

New Online Trading Program Targets African Americans

Zolio, a new online trading program which offers tools to educate young investors on the opportunity to become investment managers, believes that investing is a skill that can aid everyone, and even be a relevant career path for others.

Do You Have This in My Color?

Sued by former employees, The Wet Seal Inc.’s legal issues reinforces discrimination and disparities in retail.

First Female Helicopter Pilot Overcomes Adversity on Land and Sea

La’Shanda Jones— now a 27-year-old MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter pilot—is a pioneer: the first female African-American helicopter pilot in Coast Guard history.

Inspired Doctor Helps Disadvantaged Students with Dreams

The disparities in healthcare are one of today’s hot-button issues, with everyone from political pundits to major hospitals weighing in on the subject. Some experts have suggested that increasing the diversity of the healthcare workforce will close these gaps and produce more innovative approaches to diseases. This is the goal of Mentoring in Medicine, a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by an ER doctor.

Increasing Minority MBA Enrollment

The lack of minorities receiving graduate degrees in business is a growing problem, affecting the number of qualified candidates in the corporate job market. The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management works to increase the presence of African American, Hispanic, and Native Americans in MBA programs and the corporate world.

Why Do Minority Test Scores Still Lag behind Whites?

Studies show Hispanic and African Americans are far below their Asian and white counterparts in terms of graduation rates. Schools, sociologists, and thought leaders across the country have been debating this question for years: why do minority test scores still lag behind whites?