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How to Create a Data-Led, Measurable Diversity and Inclusion Plan

By Eleanor Goichman Brett, consultant and trainer at global diversity and inclusion training consultancy PDT Global, part of Affirmity All organizations now recognize that diversity and inclusion (D&I) are key to their success as a business. And yet many companies are still not making the progress they would like. D&I should be approached just like… Read the full article

How Archbishop Tutu inspired Human Equity

By Peter Trevor Wilson One of the most frequently asked questions since the publication of my last book is regarding the origins of the phrase human equity. Where did it come from? The truth is that human equity started with a slip of the tongue in South Africa almost two decades ago in a speech… Read the full article

What A Glass of Beer Says About Group Decision-Making: Individualist and Collectivist Biases

By Dr. Thomas J. Bussen You made it: it’s Friday afternoon. You’re sitting down for happy hour with your friends from work. You look over the beer menu and order last. How likely is it that you allow your friends’ orders to determine your eventual order? For most of us, there’s a pretty good chance… Read the full article

To Women Everywhere: We Must Advocate for Ourselves [PDJ: Part 3 in a Series]

By Bhavana Bartholf, Chief Digital & Transformation Officer for Microsoft Commercial Solution Areas (Global) As we all continue to adjust to life with the pandemic, 2022 is off to an interesting start. I hope you have taken the time to reflect and recognize the importance of mental health and your personal well-being. In addition, I… Read the full article

The Four Pillars of our DEI Framework

By Yusuf Z. Zakir To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), it is critical to have a framework to clearly guide your efforts. The framework we developed at Davis Wright Tremaine sits on four pillars: Community, Growth, Education, and Engagement. Community involves fostering a culture of belonging, supporting authenticity and intersectionality, and embracing and appreciating… Read the full article

How The Tech Industry Can Make Even More Progress In Empowering Women

By Traci Wade, Vice President, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Oracle It’s plain to anyone who’s visited the gleaming halls of Silicon Valley giants and their outposts across the world that the tech industry still lags in achieving gender equality. That really shouldn’t be surprising to any of us, as women for so long… Read the full article

Sustainable Tourism in Lake Titicaca: Lessons and Warnings

By Dr. Thomas J. Bussen “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle (1786-1866)1 The year is 2016, and a Carnival cruise liner is departing the waters of Southern Italy. Rough currents and winds have pushed the cruise liner off course, and close—too close—to the small marina in northeast Sicily. A cruise passenger films… Read the full article

Supplier Diversity Programs Can Have an Impact on Millions

By: Brian Hall & Donovan Casanave, Shell Oil Company As it should, there is currently significant pressure on corporate leadership to develop and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs. However, many of these programs tend to be focused internally, working to increase representation within a company’s own workforce. While valuable and important, this represents… Read the full article

To Women Everywhere: We Must Advocate for Ourselves [PDJ: Part 2 in a Series]

By Bhavana Bartholf, Chief Digital Officer for Microsoft Commercial Solution Areas (Global) I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share this story with you as Part 2 of my Advocating for Yourself series in Profiles in Diversity Journal. As I shared in my last story, over the past year, I have been on a journey… Read the full article

Why Globalizing Diversity And Inclusion is The Right Business Decision

By Traci Wade, Vice President, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Oracle A lot has changed in a relatively short time as far as how we in America appreciate the business imperative to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Rapidly shifting societal opinions have been impossible to ignore by corporations large and small, and,… Read the full article