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Leader to Leader- Tom King, National Grid

Invest in our future through education—especially in (STEM) science, technology, engineering and math, as well as through job training and economic development. This will drive growth, create jobs and contribute to building stronger communities and greater civic unity. It will foster a culture of skilled and knowledgeable people that are working together for a greater cause—that America is a nation of great opportunity.

Trend 8: Immigration: A Global Issue

Opening a country’s borders to people from “foreign lands” has been a controversial issue for centuries but as globalization, due largely to technological advances, has made it much easier to be borderless, the issue is front and center.

Leader to Leader- Cassandra Caldwell, PhD, ISDIP

Providing opportunities for entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups is the key to economic prosperity, whether it’s implementing policies that will increase our access to capital or ensuring that government-funded organizations follow inclusive procurement practices during the contract-bidding process.

Leader to Leader- Pedro Vasquez, Jones Lang LaSalle

Through this letter, my hope is that for your second term, you and your administration will be challenged to practice what you’ve preached to us to move our country forward—and that we will be inspired to follow.

Leader to Leader- Catherine Smith, True Blue Inclusion

A house divided cannot stand, a reality that makes your firm yet nuanced approach to leadership especially compelling.

Women in Politics: 2013 Edition

It is not always clear why women are often stifled by the campaign trail, but failing to feel qualified, fears of criticism from a sexist media, and simply not being asked as frequently as men could be reasons enough.

Growing Income Inequality Points to Need for Sustained Support for Workers and Families

The U.S. Census Bureau report, Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011, chronicles the country’s struggle to emerge from the great recession. In 2011, poverty remained high at 15 percent—with more than 46 million people living below the poverty threshold. While this number alone is unacceptable, income inequality grew, a worrisome sign for families and our economy.

A Guide to Government Contracting

It is stated in the Small Business Act that prime contractors are required to provide subcontracting opportunities to small businesses, HUBZone small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB), and service-disabled VOSB. Subcontracting helps build credibility for businesses, which the government likes when considering contract bids.

Taking a Closer Look: JOBS Act: How crowdfunding can affect your small business

The JOBS Act further solidifies the emphasis placed on small businesses by both Republicans and Democrats. In essence, the JOBS Act allows businesses to accept small contributions from individuals, what has come to be known as crowdfunding.

Trend 3: Coming Home: People with Disabilities and Veterans

The veterans issue has raised the visibility of the needs for people with disabilities and diversity and inclusion practitioners need to be sure that they are adequately equipped to address these issues in your organizations.