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Berkeley Nurtures Diverse People and Thought

By Grace Austin The University of California at Berkeley has a long and storied history of dissident voices on campus. Established in 1868 near the San Francisco Bay, the public research university currently counts more than 35,000 enrolled students. It is the oldest of the ten major campuses in the University of California system. In… Read the full article

Ohio State’s Young Scholars Program: 25 Years of Providing Opportunity

By Ben Lewis, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, The Ohio State University Three sisters, five degrees from The Ohio State University, and two more in progress. All from a family that wasn’t sure how it would pay for college, but with a mother who always believed they would find a way. The Young Scholars Program… Read the full article

Examining Health Disparities Through a Social Justice Lens

By Dr. Taffye Benson Clayton, Vice Provost for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill THE STATISTICS ON minority health are compelling, forcing us to question why such disparities exist. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill we are working not only to discover… Read the full article

Whittier Street Health Center: A Champion in Minority Health

Just miles from Boston’s world-renowned hospitals, Whittier Street Health Center (Whittier), a community healthcare and wellness center, provides healthcare and social services for thousands of the city’s ethnically diverse and largely low-income population. Ninety-two percent of Whittier’s patients live below the poverty level, 83 percent live in public housing, and 88 percent are from a… Read the full article

Connecting Fiscal and Physical Fitness

By Frank Robinson, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs Manager, Union Bank; American Heart Association Power To End Stroke Chairman At Union Bank, we are committed to responsible banking and believe that total wellness includes physical and fiscal fitness. As part of a commitment to the health and wellness of our employees and community, Union Bank… Read the full article

Understanding Social Determinants of Health

By Robert S. Kahn, Associate Director, Division of General and Community Pediatrics; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center MY FATHER HAD a saying, “a rich man’s house burns as quickly as a poor man’s house.” He was no firefighter, but he and my mother both had a commitment to civic duty. That family-driven sense of duty… Read the full article

Connecting Diverse Communities to U of Chicago Health Events

By Amy E. Best, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Exelon AS AN ELECTRIC and gas utility company serving more than 6.6 million customers in urban areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, the well-being of Exelon is intrinsically linked to that of our customers. For this reason, the company works to decrease the… Read the full article

Targeting Breast Cancer Rates in Minorities

By Marc Hurlbert, Executive Director, Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade Remarkable progress has been made in breast cancer screening and care in the past twenty years. Survival is improving, surgery can be less invasive in most cases, targeted therapies with fewer side effects are available, and not every breast cancer has to be treated with… Read the full article

Lowering Childhood Obesity at Girls Inc.

By Judy Vredenburgh, President and CEO, Girls Inc. Minority health today is inescapably linked with the issue of childhood obesity. While almost a third of American youth are overweight, nearly 40 percent of African American and Latino children are overweight or obese. We cannot afford either the loss of their futures to the myriad of… Read the full article

Baker Botts Tackles Alzheimer’s Among African Americans

AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE are two to three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. This startling statistic inspired retired Baker Botts partner (and current Senior Counsel) J. Patrick Berry to help design and implement the African American Network Against Alzheimer’s, a nonprofit focused on informing the public about how this disease constitutes one of the greatest… Read the full article