How D&I Contributes to Digital Transformation While Earning Hidden Risks
By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Although the trend is not new, the profoundness of digital transformation is only about to become clearer. While most areas feel as if they had to follow (or obey) digital standards, D&I should not only be seen as an object, but also... Read more
Why Heidi Klum Harmed Diversity Just as BlackRock Did
By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer It has literally become a fashion to position yourself as pro-diversity, including in contexts that historically were struggling with many, most, or all aspects of D&I. Here is why we must be careful about full-mouthed statements from famous, rich, or powerful people,... Read more
Business-Based Reactions to Anti-Diversity Policies
By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer The operator of London’s public transport network, TfL, has banned advertising from eleven countries that breach human (LGBT) rights. The reaction reaches far beyond the individual “Brunei case,” and affects global airlines and tourist boards. It raises the question: How many more... Read more
Diversity in Advertising? Global Survey Spurs Hope
By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Marketing experts from five countries on four continents were surveyed about diversity in advertising. Their answers show that they know what is expected from them. However, mindsets and actions vary. Among marketing experts, there seems to be a surprising level of agreement... Read more
Irish Retail Battle for Autism Friendliness
By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Shortly after SuperValu launched its Autism-Friendly Shopping project—following an 18-month development and piloting journey—their competitor Lidl followed with Autism Aware Quiet Evenings. Hefty backlash over an incident showed Lidl the size of the learning curve companies need to follow in order to... Read more
Advancing D&I Differently

Advancing D&I Differently

PDJ December 17, 2019 0

By Michael Stuber, the European D&I Engineer Although D&I practices have evolved for more than two decades, the political, societal, and economic environments have recently changed in a way that requires drastic paradigm shifts. Empirical findings and practical learning presented in this section and elsewhere show areas where new... Read more