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New Study Shows Engaging White Men is Key to Improving Workplace Culture

When companies begin to view white men as part of the solution rather than as part of the problem, the results can be dramatic indeed.

Tips from a D&I Professional

There are several lessons that come with understanding global diversity

The Next-Generation Diversity Officer

A decade ago, when chief diversity officers were nearly unknown, it was a breakthrough to invest in diversity as a C-level priority. Today, about 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a CDO or similar executive.

‘TRAIN’ing Spanish-Speaking Businesspeople

Train! specializes in skills development training and coaching negotiation techniques to Spanish speakers at many of the leading companies across the U.S. and Mexico. Rafael González Montes de Oca, the company’s founder and CEO, presents workshops at companies to provide the Spanish-speaking employees with knowledge that will allow them to improve their professional development, both in management abilities and in relation with others.

Programs, Accommodations, & Training Regarding Workers with Disabilities

Some of our top companies share their strategies and ideas for programs and training regarding workers with disabilities.

Disability Etiquette Tips – Meeting a Person with a Disability

Whether you are interviewing a person with a disability for a job or meeting them for the first time at a party, here are some simple tips that will put you both at ease.

The Hierarchy of Inequity

The Equity Continuum© was first introduced in the book Diversity at Work: The Business Case for Equity over a decade ago. Since that time this simple measurement tool has evolved into an industry-recognized methodology to allow organizations to rate their approach to diversity, inclusion and human equity using a single yardstick.

Bringing the Music to All of the People

All of us in the Air Force Academy Band take pride in our mission as ambassadors for the Air Force. We deliver the Air Force message through the emotional impact of music.

Committed to Diversity, for Associates and Customers

by Wally Wozniak Executive Director of Support Services; Director of the Food & Nutrition Services Sparrow Hospital Wally Wozniak has been instrumental in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. He has always tried to develop his workforce, and to promote from within. For example, he encouraged a minority associate to complete his education. Down… Read the full article

Diversity and Inclusion Training Does Change Attitudes

by Torrie Dunlap, CPLP Children with disabilities face many challenges in our world. Having access to the typical activities of childhood should not be one of them. Today, 20 years after President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law, the most sweeping disability rights legislation to date, children with disabilities… Read the full article