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The Concept of Ownership

The concept of ownership gets a lot of attention these days. The notion is broad, embracing such concepts as accepting responsibility, being held accountable, taking initiative, and especially using your own judgement/making independent decisions about matters that have expressly been delegated to you. This sounds straightforward enough, but taking ownership actually has a cultural dimension.

Tips from a D&I Professional

There are several lessons that come with understanding global diversity

Fact or Fiction?

Separating fact from fiction will open the doors of opportunity for people with disabilities, a group which faces an unemployment rate nearly double that of people without disabilities.

We Pay You What? Why Pay Is Important to Your Diversity Program

Achieving and maintaining diversity in the workplace are viewed as important goals by more and more employers across a wide range of markets and industries. Unsurprisingly, a critical component to achieving diversity goals—attracting, developing, and retaining a qualified and diverse workforce – is compensation equity.

The Next-Generation Diversity Officer

A decade ago, when chief diversity officers were nearly unknown, it was a breakthrough to invest in diversity as a C-level priority. Today, about 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a CDO or similar executive.

Organizational Culture Roadblocks & Shortcuts for Leveraging Diversity: Part I

While there has been an evolution in the kinds of roadblocks and shortcuts that accelerate or hinder diversity management, there have also been some consistencies across organizations and over time that we can share.

Recognizing Ability in Disability

As of January 2012, almost twenty-two years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities stood at 12.9%, compared to an 8.7% rate for people without disabilities.

Accelerating the Advancement of Women

Why is it so important for organizations to accelerate their investment in women? Simply stated: They can’t afford not to.

Diversity Around the World

By Sunniva Heggertveit-Aoudia When we talk about “diversity” we often think about the USA. Why? Because this is where you find most books, networks and magazines about the subject. And legislation around diversity, or rather discrimination, came in to place as early (or as late, depending on the angle) as 1961. But diversity is everywhere… Read the full article

The Root

For years you’ve heard me talk about the Catalyst Census and the persistent gender leadership gap…